How to Monzo: Holiday Edition!

(Naji Esiri) #1

Helpful tips and things to remember when travelling abroad with Monzo :sunglasses: All feedback welcome!

This is the first video where we’ve had devices next to each other, to show the flow on iPhone and Android simultaneously. We tried this out based on community feedback that this would be a much more helpful visual guide.

Personally I think the screen looks a little bit cramped like this, and a bit confusing to the eye at times, what are your thoughts? Maybe it’s worth us splitting the videos between devices in future?

Anyhow, I hope you find the content helpful!

(Terry) #2

I agree with you, my eyes keep wondering over to the android section even though I’m an iOS user. I think it would be nicer to split the videos, one for iOS and one for Android :slight_smile:

(Josh Bray) #3

Hmmm I’m torn really. I quite like the split of it here but I did have to admit it can get a bit confusing. Maybe do one move then do it on the other device. Each in turn to avoid confusion

(Rika Raybould) #4

I like the format but I agree that it’s a little too cramped, maybe a bit more middle spacing and a little bit of a zoom out of both devices would help there.

In addition, it would reduce viewer cognitive load to have the same feed and account on both devices, timing them both to the same points. Also, this is a video format so you should show whatever you’re talking about. The “big blue bar” was a huge missed opportunity to show this and make a callback to the identity verification video with a YouTube card callout (the (i) you sometimes see in the top right corner of videos). In addition, showing an ATM decline on a simulated holiday would have been a nice touch.

The moving pointing emoji was a little bit too much motion and distracted the eye from one side to looking at both. Needs to be slightly more subtle. This is actually a critique I have of other Monzo video and streams in that shots are sometimes pulled far too tight in a stream where a camera is taken full and there’s too much rapid motion that doesn’t track anything in particular.

(Marta) #5

I’m sorry, @Naji but I have to say it :sob:. This is probably the most boring voice-over you’ve done so far :sleeping:. Ok, you have low voice, you can’t exactly be chirping, but whole thing… I nearly fall asleep in first 20 seconds.
This is a piece about Monzo and travelling, YAY, YES, HOLIDAYS, MONZO FTW. Excitement is expected, believable and goes in pair with Monzo branding. Please, please, try to get someone else to record voice for you and see how it goes? :sweat_smile:

The background music didn’t help, but I guess Monzo decided to stuck with this one.:weary:

Missed chance on explaining DCC and that users should insist on paying in local currency.

(Naji Esiri) #6

OK! Lots of feedback here! Thanks guys.

Great tip, definitely something I’ll need to start adding as the series progresses and we reference previous videos. I’m going to look to see if I can add this today.

I’m reluctant to do this only because it would potentially extend a 3 minute video to a 5 minute video although it would be really nice to keep both iOS and Android screens in one video somehow. The separation between operating systems in our content the better :+1:

@Avishai Interesting! There’s still a way to go, but I actually thought this was the best of the three in terms of tone.

These videos are for new users and those who are looking for information and guidance, so beyond enthusing people and grabbing their attention, I want to be sure that the narration is clear and easy to understand. I’m working on striking up a balance between the two and will do my best to build on this feedback for next time. Maybe I can convince someone with a more exciting cadence to take the helm!


I still vote for animating Hot Chip into life with Naji’s voice but with a chipmunk voice filter like a brummie Mr Hankey :heart_eyes: