How To Monzo Ep1

I’ve just posted How to Monzo Ep.1 A video series of step by step guides aimed at people who are new to Monzo or just need a refresher! I’m hoping we can build a really nice library of reference on our Youtube channel with these videos over time.

Let me know what you think! It’s a bit rough round the edges, but it’s our first try and a bit of test, so all feedback welcome :wink:


Only thing I noticed: the Android flow to get to settings is different, as it is not part of the card screen, which I can see leading to some confusion. Perhaps show the two side by side? Otherwise looks great :slight_smile:


I like it :wink: Maybe you could meantion that you only need to verify if you see the prompt to do so as otherwise you are verified. I wasn’t sure about this when I signed up.


Voiceover is decent but I think a couple of lines needed another take. Don’t be afraid to be more expressive either!

For a first run at it, it’s actually rather good. :thumbsup:


Thanks all, really helpful! Will be working hard on improvements for the next edition with your tips and suggestions!