How to Monzo Ep.2

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A practical introduction to all things related! Sending and requesting money and bill splitting is covered in this episode. Apologies, the sound is a little low on this, find a nice quiet corner to watch :ear:

Would be great to hear of other features you think would be helpful to demo for reference. The plan is to work on some shorter, snappier instalments for the next couple <90 seconds

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Saw this the other day, can the volume be bumped up a notch please Naj? :grinning:

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Not possible on this one Mike, as the Youtube video editor requires flash which we don’t have enabled :disappointed: We’ll be sure to get this fixed for the next one!

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Bumped up the volume a couple of decibels for you :smile:

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@Naji Suggestion. I think that guides would be a lot snappier and easier if both devices had their own guides. I know it’s a bit twice the trouble/editing/recording (script stays the same!), but there are serious benefits:

  • user has 1/2 of the listening to do
  • user will remember better if only one os is presented
  • less “if you have ios then…” or “if you are on android then tap…” phrases, so this shortens the video time even more
  • some marketing benefits in exciting titles “everything about Monzo app in 2:30”

I’ve also been wondering… it wouldn’t be quite in Monzo style to invite users to record voice over for those videos? End video with Monzo user waving and “presented by Xyz, Monzo user #28573”. :heart_eyes: I would put some requirements for nice, clear voice and good pronounciation though. You can probably recruit people and kidnap them for 30mins during Monzo Office stuff, not to mention… kidnapping people who want to visit new community room. :smiley:

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Finally got around to watching this and I agree entirely with what @Avishai said.

I’d maybe try showing both Android and iOS at the same time where possible, especially if you’re trying to show feature parity between both platforms. Separate videos are a bit of a pain to link people to unless it’s highly platform specific and involves a 3rd party brand (I’m thinking Apple Pay and Android Pay in this case). Possibly take some inspiration from how videos such as this one by MKBHD are set up. If you do some of the setup up front with an aim to reuse it across videos, it’s very little extra production work to show both.

I’d definitely cut down some of the script’s specific wording and use more visual elements, tap markers or a very careful overhead camera setup will help guide and show the user what you’re talking about, rather than telling them to “tap the large blue button at the bottom of the screen”.

As for titles, I’d consider dropping the “How to Monzo Ep2:” bit of the title entirely, these aren’t particularly episodic videos that follow an order and by dropping the numbers, it allows you to remove or remake videos in the future without any obvious break in numbering. Dropping the beginning of the title also means that it’s less likely to get badly truncated by space restrictions, I get “How to Monzo Ep2: Send Money, Request Money and…” on my subscriptions page and the TV YouTube clients barely make it to the end of “Send Money”.

A good way to get around this is to use some kind of graphics on the thumbnail to make it clear what series it’s from, then consider using the “Set as official series for this playlist” option of the playlist settings and YouTube will add some extra metadata around the video on almost all platforms to make it clear that this video is part of a series. For bonus points, set a specified order that isn’t manual and use auto add with a tag to automate the task for new videos.

This is such a minor point but when capturing video for the background, try to select a portion that doesn’t have people making large movements around the room or walking too close to the camera, large areas of motion distract from the video’s key content. This is why the screensaver videos from the 4th generation Apple TV are drastically slowed down from their original speed, though that specific method wouldn’t work for capturing video of an office.

In unrelated comments, it would be nice if you could work within the Monzo testing environment to populate the feed with some realistic data and highlight some cool merchants in there. Same with the contacts, there’s some potential to fill those with some community members (with permission), staff, or create a series of clearly fake but fun users such as Monzonaut Red, Monzonaut Green, Monzonaut, Blue, and Monzonaut Yellow (clearly stealing from the colours in the M :sweat_smile: ), with Hot Chip being the demo user. It’s a bit of work up front but done right, captures from that basic setup is endlessly and safely reusable across all marketing and presentations, including live streams and even in print. This would also help to keep the continuity of data between takes and devices from the same video. The continuity can help show the feature parity between the two apps and means you can pull tricks such as showing the same notification/feed item arrive on both apps (maybe a small time warp in editing to show them arriving at the same time!). :slight_smile:


I think I would watch more than 30secs if it wasn’t so boring and monotonous (no offence- I’m sure a lot of hard work has gone in and I appreciate it but I found it boring).

What about being presented by a Hot Chip animation with a squeaky voice? It could still be naji but a hot chipmunk version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that a joke? Why would an infantilised version be preferable?

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