How to make therapy affordable

Here are some affordable ways to get therapy.


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One thing, though: While, yes, BetterHelp can possibly help you by connecting you with a counselor, they were under heavy criticism not a long time ago because if you actually read their ToS, they weren’t even guaranteeing that the people they were connecting you with were certified professionals.

I’m not sure as to the situation right now, but I thought it’d be better to mention this. I’d be wary of BetterHelp.


Fyi, for anyone in Scotland. NHS scotland runs CBT therapy by phone. No referral needed

The breathing space website also has lots of useful information and contact numbers

Northern Ireland you have to go to your GP who will refer you to the mental health team. They may decide to refer for CBT but normally difficult because of the waiting lists

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When I ask for recommendations on behalf of friends, my therapist has suggested

Also, queer people can try

Some therapists operate on a sliding scale, so it’s worth asking the questions.


The NHS has a program called Silver Cloud that is an online CBT course with regular contact with a therapist through system - I was able to refer myself (North West England) but apparently this varies throughout the country. The wait for the initial assessment was only a couple of days, and then the login details for the program were sent shortly after that.

I’d definitely recommend checking whether it’s available in your area

Should also point out that the info pamphlet said that SilverCloud had been shown to be more effective than one-to-one therapy, so don’t immediately write it off just because it’s an online course.