How we're supporting mental health

Last September we launched a way for you to tell us what support you need to manage your finances.

Here’s how we’re using that to make sure we’re helping those who need our help the most.


This is wonderful!!

Do the team do internal reviews so they can maybe share ideas (maintaining privacy of course). In this example, the notes from ‘Linda’ could help another advisor when they speak to a vulnerable customer?

Love this :heart: It’s good to see a bank do so much for its customers.

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Forward thinking, empathetic and wonderful. Everything I expect from Monzo :+1:

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This is brilliant. Thank you for making customers a priority like this. Helping people feel safer and braver dealing with their money is brilliantly empowering!

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Absolutely! Everyone’s encouraged to share aspects of their cases that could be useful with each other internally. We want to be as self-reflective as possible, and look closely at what works well and what might need improvement.

Everyone also gets close, detailed, individual feedback on a selection of their cases to help them improve, and there’s often learning points for everyone from that.


Hate to play complainer but surely part of mental health was locked pots and their current iteration is not what it was and I don’t know when they’re next iteration is coming not for me but for people like @Rat_au_van

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Locked pots still exist.

Yeah but not in an iteration that actually works for complusive spending


In your opinion. It’s helped me.

I think we can all agree that locked pots have changed. And that perhaps they’re not as useful to some folk as they used to be.

But let’s not take away from the good that’s being done here. Might pots play another role in the future? Absolutely. But for my money (pun intended), Monzo is absolutely ahead of the game here. And we should give credit where it’s due.


I liked that to unlock required a check in with CS, the unlock yourself l found a step back.

Not that CS is there to provide a therapy service, it was about the friction.


Let’s keep discussion about the detail of locked pots in that thread! :raised_hands::raised_hands::grinning:


True,but is it only a step forward because the legacy bank attitude was so terrible(attitude to mental health)
In all seriousness, I think Monzo have done well in terms of raising awareness and this press release is a stepping stone on continuing onwards and upwards :fist_right::fist_left::muscle:. I would love to see Monzo lead the way in terms of research (academic) into mental health effects on spending.

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All l have to say on locked pots :innocent:

I can however talk lots about how the vulnerable customer team is amazing :heart: and really helped me out with some signposting to support services.


There’s good potential with this idea I think, though I believe that the information given has the potential to need very strict protection if someone overshares.

Out of curiosity, was ‘Lindas’ message posted with permission?

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