How to look after your mental health for free

Do you have any tips for taking care of your mental health?


Such an important topic in this day and age. Thank-you for posting it.

As someone who has recently suffered from depression and is on medication, I have been eagerly looking into ways of trying to regain control of my mind as I call it. And money definitely plays a part.

I would also add, for anyone looking to try journaling that Penzu is a good site which has a paid and free account package. I use it mostly at work, feeling frustrated I just load up the browser and tap away.

Also a cup of cammomile tea before bed really helps for sleep.

Some books are interesting to read to. If no-one has read it yet, the Chimp Paradox provides an interesting analogy on how the mind works. Good read for those who want to understand the mind.

Anyone else got any coping strategies?


Mindfulness works for some but getting help when you need it is key.

Diet and exercise play a key role, in both ways not enough is as bad as too much. Relaxing intake of sugar and caffeine can work wonders too. Occupying the mind with things you enjoy and challenging anxious thoughts.

Source, 15 years of supporting my girlfriend through anxiety, depression and panic attacks.


I have to admit that my depression has come about in part because of various personal issues in the last few years and the fact that I feel unable to support my eldest and wife when they are struggling. Frustration and anger just ebbed away unchecked for years and led to me struggling to cope.

I am now seeing a councillor and have coping mechanisms for when I’m down…but it’s slow progress sometimes.

Headspace is amazing have to admit :hot_coral_heart:
I have many coping ways but I find chatting to people the best help for me.


Persevere mate, I can’t stress how important it is to keep believing and trying. Even incremental changes are little steps to recovery.

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I can’t have noise at night, anything buzzing or ticking just drives me insane. However, the Headspace dudes voice just sends me to snoozing like a baby.


I would have never thought a bank would post something like this. This is amazing!

Just goes to show the amazing, caring people working at Monzo.

Thank you for writing it up :grinning:


I was section for 4 years due to mental health. My advice is, do not take drugs. And if you feel unwell, tell someone.


This was really well written, thanks. Great to see gut health mentioned right near the top of things that affect mental health, this definitely isn’t as widely known as it should be. And yeah, for me Headspace is fantastic. This year I got it for £40 for the year during a Black Friday promotion which is about the same cost as one CBT session where I live. Meditation really works.


Think it’s important to remember that the same things won’t work for everyone. I despise mindfulness with a passion, medication had too many unpleasant side effects and therapy/counselling was useless. But those work great for some people. I find a long walk helps me more than anything else.

Keep going til you find something that works for you :+1:


I have used headspace in the past but I switched to smiling mind, it’s free and seems really good. It’s ran by an Australian charity

Might give it a try. Thanks!

Nice post, and useful stuff :slight_smile:
One i like to add that can cause people all sorts of issues is not removing them selves enough from being constantly connected to people.

Turn your computer and phone off. The difference that simply not looking at social media and having a screen in front of you all the time can make a huge difference to your mental health.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve been using it for about a week now and love it. Was never willing to pay the price for a full version of anything similar in case I didt’t use it enough and therefore waste money.

But this is free, and superb. Used it daily. Do thank you.

Merry Christmas. :blush::blush:

I’d also add moodgym to this list. Basically a free online CBT course for depression/anxiety. No replacement for actually talking to someone, of course, but a decent way of managing things if you’re stuck on a waiting list.


Unfortunately no longer free:

Shame. But still something I’m interested in.

Aw, well that sucks :frowning:

I have tried an app called Daylio this month. It tracks your mood day to day and you can add what you do. Helps me track my mental health and see what triggers panic attacks and so on.

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