How to make chains of scheduled payments work?

I have three Monzo accounts - personal, joint, and business - and would like to use the full feature set, including the salary sorter and bills pots. However, I have not been able to come up with a strategy that would work. The following diagram outlines the key money flows:

The transfers to the bills pots are action-triggered (the action being the transfer of funds) so they are fine, but the others are scheduled payments. The problem is that I can’t guarantee the order that these will trigger in; and if the Personal → Joint or Personal → External ISA transfers trigger before the Business → Personal one, then everything blows up horribly. I’d really rather not rely on the IFTTT integration, and I am not sure that I can anyway with all of these account types. If anyone has a good strategy here, I’d love to know.

Perhaps this would be better as a feature request…

I think feature parity is the request?

I don’t understand what you mean.

Are you not looking to use these features in your joint and business accounts? Maybe I’ve misread, apologies!!

If that’s the case then yes, I think it would make some sense to have clear flows/options to automate the flows between accounts as suggested, that would surely be an advantage to having all these accounts within the same infrastructure.

The features I refer to are the salary sorter and bills pots, which work fine. The problem is only with chains of scheduled payments between the three accounts, and also to external accounts.

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I think you are right then, better as a feature request so people can vote on it, sounds like a good idea

Just out of curiosity, why?

Because it doesn’t work with business accounts. Or joint accounts. It’s basically unsupported at this point. This quote from this thread basically sums it up.

Of the two original authors @simon has now left Monzo, leaving just @kieranmch. As far as I can tell there’s no team dedicated to it, nor anyone really responsible for it. This is a crying shame because Monzo should really, imho, make this integration rich and full. A wonderful project that sadly doesn’t seem to have gotten the buy-in from whoever has the power to allocate sufficient resources to it within Monzo.


I just looked around on the internal Slack, and JA/IFTTT integration is a regular request, but I couldn’t find anything hinting that its in the pipeline just yet :pensive:

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I’m unsurprised. And I doubt that it will be. But it would be nice to get back on topic… is there any way of making chains of scheduled payments work reliably?

What would be ideal, of course, is the same mechanism as Salary Sorter - i.e. triggered events. Quite literally “if this then that”. If it were possible to trigger one transfer from another, then this problem would be solvable.

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