Salary Sorter - Trigger bank transfer

I store my savings in an external bank account which is an ISA. Each month Salary Sorter moves my money around inside Monzo but I still have to manually transfer my savings via bank transfer to the other bank.

Standing order schedules (Scheduled Payments) is not flexible enough for me because my salary is paid on different dates each month.

Can the Salary Sorter be modified to make full on bank transfers? I don’t mind if the app asks me for authorisation first via a push notification…

With open banking this would be a good add-on!


I’m sure this topic was brought up before, but I can’t see a feedback page ever existing for it…!

I think in the past when this came up, the “problem” from Monzo’s side was they didn’t want any External Account interactions to happen - because of an inability to retrieve it, or the possibility of the automation not happening in the way you intend and limiting access to cash - although that might have been specific to IFTTT actions. (With IFTTT for example, you could empty your account by mistake)

I think an Authorisation built in would be a great solution to it though.

I personally would love a Salary Sort to Joint Account action too.

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I saw the post around IFTTT, it does seem dangerous. If someone took over your IFTTT account they could steal your salary.
I think Salary Sorter could do a transfer safely by requesting authorisation from me with a clear warning about what’s going on. Maybe even a short time delay on the transfer so if I do want to reverse it I can…

I’ve been able to sort incoming (>£100) from our Joint Account to my Personal account and MrsW’s Personal account too! To be fair, I’ve not tried it in the other direction (Personal → Joint) but I can’t see any difference.

Thinking about it, I tested cascading sorts and that worked, so I will have transferred from Joint to Personal, and then from Personal back to Joint so it should work. The list of accounts shown in Salary Sorter included all our accounts:

Oh interesting, didn’t realise that was a thing. I wonder why it works in one direction but not both.

So what you are saying with Cascading sorts, is infinite sorting is possible?! Going to have to test that time!

To be fair, for reasons of barely using pots any more I’ve not used the feature in a while, so my memory is a few months out of date.

Salary sorter is (so far) ‘internal’ to Monzo Accounts/Pots.

And I get the feeling that because Monzo made it possible to ‘move’ money from an external account into a Monzo account really easily using Open Banking, their approach is get money in as easily as possible, but make it a little more difficult to get it out. As in - a minimal, follow the regulations, (bank transfer) scenario as opposed to a one-click Open Banking/Salary Sorter approach.

Maybe this will change with development, but the approach so far could be one of self-protection by Monzo - keep as much money in accounts.

As long as each incoming-to-the-account is more than £100, cascading sorts work. As an example:

  • £200 lands in the Joint Account, I can sort £150 into my Personal account
  • That PA £150 can then be sorted, I could sort £100 into my Joint account
  • That JA £100 can then be sorted, I could sort £50 to Pot A and £50 to Pot B

A bad example maybe, but it worked when I tried it last year, after noticing both my Personal and MrsW’s Personal account showed up in the list of destinations to sort to.

Errr yeh Salary Sorter works great, no argument there. I’m looking for money going OUT from Monzo to an external bank that is better for long term storage or for a service that Monzo does not offer.

I understand your point, see post#7 (3 above :point_up: this post)

Just my suspicions though - :monzo: used Open Banking to make it easy to get money into :monzo: - the next obvious step would be the reverse, but why develop a cool feature to reduce the amount of money held by the bank, when regulations already exist on ways to move money?

PS> I’d like it too!


I am going to move the money anyway manually or via date based schedule. Adding the requested feature will just be more convenient for me. The amount and frequency of the transfer isn’t going to change.

I agree that the option to have an external account as a target for salary sorter would be a good addition.

But in the meantime, why not use a standing order instead of manual initiation of bank transfer?


I should have explained that my salary hits my account on different days, the standing order isn’t flexible enough, salary sorter is!

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