How to increase brand awareness

Yes, I believe so… up here in the west coast of Scotland they get left on the bus seats… but only after they’ve been read…

I think Dermot must be on the X Factor in the UK or Ireland then.


I doubt LA Reid was on the X Factor UK series as well as X Factor in the US!

That’s what I meant, I think he only did the US one where as Paula Abdul has done both.

You might as well be speaking a different language :confused:

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OK is this weird that I genuinely don’t know most of these people… Are good singers? Obviously I know Britney

Dermot O’Leary presented it before Olly Murs cocked it up

Demi Lovato fan here, although I do like her previous album Confident the best. She’s playing the O2 this summer which I’m really looking forward to… She has, in my opinion, a very strong voice…

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Kate Thornton was before that

Who? The boss of the chocolate company?

Looooong time ago :sweat_smile:

Simon Fuller :+1:

Simon Fuller was American Idol not X Factor, which was Simon Cowell. Both were in a legal dispute in US courts over their TV concepts.

Pop Idol*

No. Simon Fuller was in court in the USA about the programme “American Idol”

Ohhh but he also did Pop Idol

This has turned into Who Do You Think You Are. I feel the need to do a family tree

I think Pop Idol is a UK or Irish programme? but he did both I think.