How to increase brand awareness

Aside from word of mouth how else do Monzo hope to raise brand awareness?

I was thinking earlier, if I had a budget to increase brand awareness of Monzo, a bank that is seen to be ‘trendy’ along the same lines of Facebook I would create events to showcase this. For example to organise a small’ish festival. Perhaps I’d combine music and tech into a festival. If Monzo had control of which musicians performed they could mould the mood of the festival to portray the brand.

Who would you choose to perform at a Monzo festival?

Does anyone else have any other ideas how to raise the brand awareness? (I feel standard advertising methods would be too dull and not ‘exciting’ enough for the Monzo brand)


New artists like Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Sigrid.


@SimonB would have to be on the line up, and @anon4562461 too!


Rage against the machine would be a good brand fit

Who are they :no_good_man:

If Pan Franek isn’t there then I don’t wanna know, seriously if festivals don’t fly over Pan Franek then they aren’t a real festival.

Camila was the lead singer in 5th Harmony
Dua is a London artiste who won two Brit Awards
Sigrid is a Norwegian artiste (who sings in English)


Pan Franek ? sounds like a fried frankfurter!

I am lost

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X Factor winners


A reality TV competition to find new musical acts, presented by Simon Cowell

I admire your :tv: knowledge

Regrettably you’re wrong here. Simon Cowell isn’t the presenter it’s Dermot O’Leary…someone who would be great I reckon for the monzo festival hosting role…

I am confused again now :confused:

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I’d start with an advert in the Metro paper, that way it reaches commuters and people that might be more likely to take notice of an ad whilst they’re “bored” on the way to/from work…it would also cover other major cities outside London which would help too…

Isn’t the Metro Newspaper the one that’s always left on the floor of tube trains?

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He used to be a Judge when they competed. He was the creator of the concept and is the composer. Other Judges over the series have been:
L.A. Reid
Paula Abdul
Nicole Scherzinger
Britney Spears
Demi Lovato
Kelly Rowland
Paulina Rubio

PS who is Dermot O Leary?

He is a judge, yes, but not the presenter.

AFAIK LA Reid never did X Factor UK