Pension Dashboards

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Awaiting for these to be released this year

Hopefully I have more than 2 pensions I know of :joy:

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I have to admit, I like the UK Government Gateway site as it does enable me to see what I’ve paid into the System throughout my working life. I’ve reached my 35 year contributions point for the UK State pension and it’s actually quite something to see my entire workplace contributions laid bare in front of me. I even had two years where I had small gaps in my NI contributions which fell short of a full year. I paid them up to give me the full 35 years with zero gaps.

To be able to see my 3 pension pots all in one place with a pension dashboard, would be quite something and I look forward to it. I no longer bother contributing to workplace pension schemes as I don’t need to. I’m trying to keep things relatively simple.

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Got my 2 pensions I know of in Pensionbee

As of the last 18months I have become my boys full time carer, so the goverment gateway states I need to contriibute at least 7 more full years before 2046 to get £165 a week, chnaces are by the time I am actually at retirement age which will probably be 80yrs old the state pension will be dead or I will be :joy:


Maybe off-topic but why did you switch to Pensionbee?

It’s started with trying to track down my pensions, I happened to call them to ask if they were able to include the state pension as I mis read that they had the pension dashboard already, I like the app it is a bit limited to the web site but still good also the integration with Emma (no longer use).

Like above I can no see 2 pension in there I am aware of and hopefully will include the pension dashboard, now my pensions are I. There and use it the tailored plan I also like seeing the tracking “graph” showing the increase daily (not decreases though).

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Also this :wink:

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