How do I find past loan agreement details for my tax return?!

I’m trying to sort my tax return. I had a previous loan with Monzo which is all paid off now but I’d like a copy of the loan Agreement to use as evidence. Can’t find it in my emails or in the app, can anyone help?

Had a search on the forum but couldn’t find anything related to this


This is likely a question to ask in app chat.

Nobody on here will be able to give you the loan agreement because the amount and APR etc is unique to you.

If you reach out to someone in chat they can get this sorted for you.

These details will also be visible on any annual statement you may have available.

Does the previous Loan show up at all in the app or has it totally gone?

Not a daft question - I have an active loan, which is still being paid off, so I don’t know what happens when it is paid off. While mine is currently active, I can click on ‘Manage’ and ‘See your credit agreement’. The displayed agreement can be saved and it has a Monzo stamp and everything.

I suspect this is the doc you need. If you can’t get it in-app, then you’ll have to contact Monzo via in-app chat.

Also, if you type ‘loan statement’ into ‘Help’, the ‘Getting full transaction history for closed Monzo accounts’ informs it is available for up to 6 years after the account was closed. Not sure if a Loan is classed as an account, but it might be. Also, it gives an email address to use to request such info: - they’ll post to your registered address. Again, not sure if a paid-off loan falls into the closed-account category.

After lots of clicking I was able to go back and see past transactions, clicked on one of the loan repayments which took me through to the loan itself and after some scrolling, I finally found the original loan agreement! I think this is something they could work on. Wouldn’t be too tricky to simply show previous loans that have been paid off.


Good to know you found that important document - thanks for the feedback :+1: