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:closed_lock_with_key: I love my Monzo CA just one thing I really
Hope that Monzo can put in is the finger print I’d or a pin or something, I don’t like the idea that my banking app doesn’t have any security on it at the moment. Really would like to see something implemented. Does anyone know if Monzo are doing something about this?
Thanks all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is on the RoadMap for Medium Term (6-12 months), @Sczoo26

“[Android] Fingerprint lock support”

No mention of anything for iOS users.

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Hey again Paul lol! Oh :open_mouth: that’s quite a while actually, it also seems like lately Monzo are prioritising android over iOS users whereas Monzo was all for iOS before… suppose it’s a waiting game again then, thanks for letting me know :+1:

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I’m fine with no fingerprint access as my phone is secured down when I’m not using it. I’d like a fingerprint or password to be mandatory when settting up a new payee or other potential ‘loss’ moments, but these should be sparse as I’ve already authenticated myself to get access to my phone.

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The iOS app already has TouchID locking support. Not that I’ve ever used it, as I agree with @j06, but I’ve seen the setting.


yeah - my boyfriend said the national lottery app requires your phone to be locked and that doesn’t have additional security once the phone opens.

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