How to contact Monzo in an emergency

Good morning,

I need to contact someone from Monzo and have been unable to do since 11th June.

I have tried the overseas contact numbers on the site which all keep me on hold for 15 mins before telling me i will need to try again later.

I have tried emailing but i have not had a reply in 72 hours and as stated i need to contact someone urgently.

I do not currently have app access to send a msg on there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What about the domestic number?

Not really acceptable that the support line cuts out after 15 minutes but that seems to be a limitation it has unfortunately.

In case you need to freeze card or monitor recent transactions that can be done via Monzo web -

Thanks for the response.

The overseas number just goes to the same line as the domestic. One is an 0800 and one 0207 i guess its only really an overseas line because i cant use 0800 from Spain.

I´ll continue to try and update if i find a better route to contact.


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You’ve exhausted the standard options.

I’d try sending a message to Monzo via social media if I were in your position. For example a direct message to their Twitter or Facebook. I’ve seen the Twitter team invite contact via direct message when people have taken to Twitter to complain about difficulties accessing support.

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