How to change delivery address

I made a mistake in the card delivery address. I found an article that I can change it from the app, but the app doesn’t have a button that only activates. I also can’t connect to chat from the app.

You cannot change the address of your first card. It has to go to your registered address.


Out of interest, did someone ask you to change your account address? People wanting to change the delivery address after the account being approved seems to be getting quite common.

did someone ask you to change your account address?
Where should I contact?

As mentioned by @Revels you can’t change the address. It is part of the account verification. You will need to contact Monzo in the app. We are all customers here.

Monzo. If you can’t do it in app, call or email them.

We can’t update the address I’m afraid. Your first card needs to go to the address you initially registered with.

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Do you get a lot of requests to do this, Dan? Seems to be a fairly frequent thread topic.

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Out of curiosity: does that mean that if someone gives their address incorrectly during sign up (maybe old address, maybe a simple typo), they are “forever” excluded from a monzo account?