How many bank accounts do you use?

Monzo - main personal account for my salary and bills

Joint - Nationwide, our mortgage is with them and so is the joint account

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I know yep! I myself plan to get paid work sorted soon and as I said have Nationwide for work pay, and essentials like phone phone insurance, sim only bill etc.

Monzo for the everyday, so Pre 9.30 transport and everyday spending and have my PIP paid into it.


monzo - personal
starling - cheque processing!
mettle - business (sole trader)

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Always enjoy these popping up! Here goes…

Current Accounts:

RBS (Drummonds Card) - Salary and two personal DDs for the £3 reward. Funds are rarely kept on here.

Co-op - Joint for all other household bills and a £1 everyday extra reward and 2p for a couple of joint card subscriptions :laughing: Overdraft and some instant access savings to cover a mega-emergency.

Revolut - group bill, household spending, travel and most of my payees are here for easy transfers. Have used other features in the past (Vaults, Stocks, Stays for instance).

Triodos - a lot of my savings are with Triodos for ethical reasons including my Cash ISA. The account is a conduit for these monies & is the registered account with my S&S ISA, SIPP etc. I consider the account fee paid for by RBS :smirk:

Other Quasi Accounts:

Plutus - majority of my personal spend to attain 3% cashback in PLU. Also some card subscriptions. Successfully withdrew a chunk recently.

Fineco - conduit to a S&S ISA I have and general dealing in any US or European assets. I use the EUR account when in the Eurozone.

Other Cards:

Curve - which I use as a front to most of the aforementioned and Curve Black which is rebated in PLU.

Coop Members Credit Card - used for POS credit card spending in the UK for limited cashback.

Royal Bank Credit Card - used for security abroad with no FX charges, used with Curve if I have no money and later switched to Plutus for cashback via GBIT.

Currensea - used to meet RBS DD requirement.

Other Savings:

Tandem - part of my emergency fund and a bond.

AJ Bell - SIPP.

InvestEngine - another S&S ISA.


I remembered your post when I uploaded images of all my banking apps :rofl:

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Oop. :joy:


Is that all? :wink:

Revolut - current account? Thought it was just an e-money account. I’ll check mine :thinking:

You’re a card-aholic though, aren’t you? :smile:

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Well it is a current account…just not a bank account… Plutus and Fineco also say current account - perhaps subconsciously my criteria was DD functionality :joy:

Errr sorta - but most sit in the draw and Curve comes along for back up if my phone dies. I like the functionality of all the accounts at my finger tips, moreso than the cards. It’s quite an eclectic mix.

But I do like a few of them…

I also have a Coinbase card which was meant to be for spending withdrawn PLU but it’s the worst card I’ve ever used for declines…


Fair enough but I’d be cautious with Revolut, last time I heard they were not FSCS protected.

Curve is awesome, only caveat is it takes longer on some card readers to authorise the transaction as it has an extra step to make the payment.

Also the all in one card, no need to bring the wallet!

Oh yes I forgot I do have a Starling account too, but only for depositing cash from the post office.

Had my salary in there for ages prior to my last job change so a bit past that :joy:

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Yes, I have viewed and commented on this before. For me, if Monzo had the possibility of a second joint account, we would bank in more or less one place. We currently have the one joint account for bills and the other we would hope for would be joint holiday spending. I know the current frustrations of people who can’t get a joint account and this is personal preference. We would be all Monzo apart from BA Premium Amex for day to day spending

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Monzo - Joint - Savings and all our DD and bills
Monzo - Personal - My salary goes in here and has personal savings
Chase - I keep at least a £100 on here for spending as the 5% round ups pot. + I move in the £500 to get cashback also.
HSBC - Personal - I use this for random reasons - it holds some bulk savings in the online bonus saver.
HSBC - Joint - The CASS hsbc messed up so I never used this account
Lloyds - Personal - I have this as I have a Help 2 buy ISA. I am in the process of getting my first apartment so this will go soon.
Halifax - Opened for CASS ££ - Will probably keep open for the fact my mortgage is going to be with them.

Regret CASS’ing my Starling… but my partner was not eligible for one for some stupid reason.

What’s the logic behind this?

My mortgage is with FD and I’ve never had an account with them and don’t really intend to.

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Plenty to read about revolut. While FSCS is important it doesn’t mean don’t use it.

I’ve had no issues in the past 3 years or more. Salary fine, debits fine, transfers fine.

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what is the benifit of closing it?

Lloyds will become my new donor for CASS once the H2B ISA goes.

None really I just didn’t get the connection.


Monzo - Main Bank Account
Lloyds Bank - Income goes into specific account
Club Lloyds - Free cinema tickets + put money in for random spending
Chase - also for random spending but with cashback
Revolut - Cashback offers

Barclaycard Platinum - general spending
Capital One - One off purchases
Vanquis - Dormant but use auto top up to amazon to keep activity up which is paid off each month

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