How long it takes to aprove my business account?

Hello, I have been waiting to be aprove for my business account for a week, I understand it is not too much, but I have some clients waiting to pay for the product.

I would like to know what is the average time for this process:
1 week? 1 month? or more?



Nobody knows or can tell you how long it will take unfortunately. It’s different for everyone. But based on what people say here, it’s more likely to be weeks than months.

All you can do is wait.

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Here you go. This information is available here: Monzo – Information about our Business Current Account Services

How quickly do we open business current accounts?
We give customers an account number and enable them to start paying into the account:

the same day, for 63% of customers
on average, in 3 days; and
within 23 days for 99% of customers
Note: These figures are based on the time taken from receiving all the information and documents we ask for on this page, in a case where we don’t need further information or documents to open the account.

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Should you not of gotten a business account before people started paying for a service 🤷

When I opened my sole trader account it was approved instantly.
Things might have changed.
Hang in there.

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Thanks man! I should read more…haha

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