Business Account Time Frame

We have registered for a Business Account (before we also open a Personal Account) and you have informed us that you are holding registrations for new accounts as you have reached 1,000 customers.

Can you offer a time frame to allow us to open a Business Account please?

Thank you

I understood business accounts were on hold to new applicants now?

Yes, I believe they are Johnny however, after registering our interest to open a business account, we would like to have an idea when new business account ‘slots’ will be available, before we look elsewhere.

I got an email from them recently. This is part of it:

Seems to be taking a very long time for this. Do we have any news on them?


What a frustrating answer.

Yet not quite as frustrating as waiting for Monzo to launch a business account.

Was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek answer based upon what Monzo is like at launching stuff.


As they suggest going elsewhere Jack, we have found who can offer both personal and business accounts and they do not make any charges whatsoever. They also allow £300 ATM withdrawals as opposed to Monzo’s £200 limit.

We wanted to go with Monzo but their non committal approach to offering a time frame is disappointing.