How long do Direct Debit's take to appear in app?


Couldn’t find any answer to this. @alexs or any admins who find a topic please feel free to move this.

Just wondering how long it takes for direct debits to appear in the app and what tab do they appear under?

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Don’t know how long they take to appear, but currently on the Android app they appear on the ‘Spending’ tab, just above the tab itself is a ‘Recurring payments’ which will tell you how many DDs and SOs you have. Click this and it pops up a list of them.


Ah I dont yet seem to have that screen (iOS) possibly as the DD was only setup today.

@billinghamj Has told me it takes 3 days to show in the app so will wait and see if it does!


Check this;


It took me ages to realise they’d be in Spending rather than Payments. Payments seems a much more sensible place to keep them.

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I’ve left it too late to merge this topic (so I’ll just close it instead) but here’s Liam’s answer for you -

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the design of the app at the moment, it will change when version 2.0 is rolled out :slight_smile:

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