How good is chargeback, for social media selling goods. Such as: Instagram

So I have recently been looking at the new chargeback things and ways to report a problem with payments, and after encountering a product I really like for a good price on Instagram I just wanted to know whether I would be protected if I bought this item, the business holding this item also operates with a Monzo bank account as I can tell by the sort code.

Am I safe?

Thanks, guys

If you’re paying the person via bank transfer as it sounds like from your question, chargeback won’t apply.


What are the other options if he only accepts bank transfer?

If he only accepts bank transfer, the options are pay by bank transfer, or don’t buy it, surely? You will not be protected.

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That’s a warning sign

Does he not take PayPal?

And if he says yes, but asks you to send it as a friend (as opposed for a business or service), don’t.



yea he dosnt.

What are you buying through bank transfer on social media?

I wouldn’t say it is a very legitimate consumer business if it cannot take card payments (I understand business invoices can be paid this way etc).

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Everything you need to know about chargeback is here. In short, if it’s a private sale and you’re not using your debit card, chargeback won’t work.

The rules around a private sale are these:

If you’re buying second-hand goods from a private seller (someone who doesn’t sell goods for all or part of their living), your rights are nowhere near as strong as when buying from a shop.

The only protection is that it’s correctly described and the owner has the right to sell it. Here, it really is a case of caveat emptor or “let the buyer beware”.

So if the seller says nowt or little about the goods and you buy it, then that’s it. Even if it’s shoddy, you weren’t mis-sold, so have no comeback. Though if they lie to you – you do.

From here.

  • Insists on bank transfer, no PayPal, no card payment
  • On Instagram

:rotating_light: DODGY SELLER KLAXXON :rotating_light:


They probably don’t actally have a business account either.

Agree with all the above.

If it’s too good to be true and they’re only accepting a bank transfer - walk away!


There is no protection on bank transfers. It’s like handing cash over to somebody in the street.


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