Monzo refused to raise a chargeback

So I was scammed and its clear as night and day that I was scammed by the proof I have but just because I paid through PayPal friends and family option Monzo has refused to raise a chargeback claim for me even PayPal themselves have asked me to raise a chargeback with my card issuer. Awful service to be honest

It’s nothing to do with Monzo.

PayPal are trying to wash their hands of you because their terms explicitly state you shouldn’t use the friends and family feature to avoid fees and pay for things from people.’s-the-difference-between-friends-and-family-or-goods-and-services-payments-faq638


Monzo will only raise a chargeback if they think they can win

Using PayPal friends and family option means they won’t


You’ve bypassed PayPal’s own protections in regards to purchasing and sending money. I can see why this hasn’t gone anywhere to be honest. You could raise a complaint to see what happens but not guaranteed to get the outcome you’re expecting.


The seller sent back the money as goods and services so he could potentially reverse it in the future PayPal says they can freeze that amount if Monzo raises a dispute and they still won’t do it

When using Paypal be careful about using friends and family. This is a known method that scammers will use to avoid any chargeback requests.


So you’ve got your money back?

Well he has sent back a big chunk of the amount but its on hold with PayPal as he sent it back a s goods and services and I expect a claim from.the scammer so no don’t have the money back

You need to wait for that payment to clear and if that’s all he’s sent, that’s all you’re getting back.

The money wouldn’t get frozen indefinitely, only while they concluded their investigation.

PayPal have your money and PayPal are trying to pass the buck - you need to sort it with them.


Well so does Monzo and they are doing the same thing

You’re not quite getting it or listening to what you are been told.

Wait for PayPal to sort it out, nothing to do with Monzo in this case.


You didn’t pay using Monzo, you paid using PayPal so it’s up to them to sort it

If it had been a direct payment from Monzo without PayPal in the middle then that’s different


To add to this:

A chargeback is for when you do not receive goods or services that you paid for.

There’s two transactions here.

Your Monzo account → PayPal (a Mastercard transaction, which chargebacks are available)
PayPal → scammer (if “Paying for goods or service” is chosen, some protection is availabe).

The part Monzo is involved in all happened as expected. PayPal received your money, correct? That is what is meant to happen in that transaction. If you were to say “hey, I sent money to PayPal and have been charged, but my PayPal balance didn’t topup” then sure, that transaction was a problem and raise a dispute.

The problem transaction here though, is the PayPal → scammer part. PayPal has sent money to the scammer (on your instructions). It has nothing to do with Monzo, frankly.


The harsh (and unfortunate) lesson to learn here is don’t send money through PayPal marked as ‘friends and family’ when they’re not friends or family.


Me not paying seller.directly with my card is not the reason Monzo is rejecting the claim .

Would still freeze it nonetheless while they investigate my complaint which is 15 days apparently seems long to be honest.

If you think 15 days is a long time, make sure you’re sitting down for when you learn how long a chargeback actually takes :grimacing:

This is why banks advise that you resolve and exhaust all options with the merchant first. So in your case PayPal.


As others have said, rightly. this has nothing to do with Monzo and their not liable to refund you, if that’s what you’re expecting. You also won’t be able to chargeback Paypal as 1. you probably risk your paypal account being closed and 2. The payment to PayPal went through fine. e.g paypal account received the money.

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Dan is exactly right here, your contract with Monzo is to provide the services you paid for. When you pay via PayPal then you’re buying the ‘credit’ from PayPal to buy something from somebody else. Therefore the service you paid for has been delivered.

This means that we have no chargeback rights for PayPal transactions for goods and services disputes. As raising a chargeback which you lose costs money we won’t raise chargebacks in situations where we’re certain to lose.

In addition the chargeback scheme is a voluntary one. Banks are under no legal obligation to raise a chargeback and it’s at their discretion.

I never pay via PayPal for this very reason.

Edit: the easy way to think of it is similar to buying a gift card. Once you’ve bought the gift card then the service has been fulfilled. Even if the merchant goes bust before you can spend the money then you can’t claim it back.