How Fast Is Your Connection?

(Simmy) #1

Synced at 73 down and 20up here with Fibre. When i had ADSL it was a mere 3 down and 0.5 up

(Nicholas Carter) #2

I think I might be cheating though being in a corporate office building with 300 people…

Home internet is VDSL2 and I get 78Mbps down (Give and take) and 20Mbps upload which is more than enough for Netflix or similar

(Michael) #3

78 down and 20 up with Vodafone. I can’t complain for £25 a month.

I’d get Virgin Media (or other fibre) straight away if it was available

(Jonathon) #4

At home it’s more like 60-80 Mbps

(Simmy) #5

Thats 110 Megabyte per second, which is 1 GB in 10 seconds, which is absolutely insane ! lol

(Jonathon) #6

I have no idea between MB/s and Mbps or anything haha

All I know is if I run this at home it’s like 68 download. At work it’s 878… slightly faster.



Can’t really get much better than this in a residential property…

(Jorge) #8

I genuinely believe that I’d get faster internet in North Korea than at home


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #10

Not bad for peak evening.


(Danny) #11

(Phil) #12

This is disgusting.
I’m in a managed London office and this is all I get!


I think I’ve become a bit of an internet snob tbh, which isn’t good. I ended up switching at my home address to Virgin media business (its only about £10 more a month compared to home) but in addition you get 5 static IP address, 12 hour SLA for connection and a direct account manager should you need to ring rather than endless hours on the phone.

(Andy) #14

Just standard 80/20 FTTP here. Sadly still to expensive to justify going faster and my ISP doesn’t go faster :frowning:

(Phil) #15

I’m guessing you work from home?
I could see it being worth it if I worked from home full-time. My home connection just isn’t fast enough or reliable enough for me to do that — whenever I do it can cause problems with client calls.


Often I work from home but it’s more the frustration of the calls from other people that are at home more than me and ring up every time there is an issue or its “down”, and everyone seems to have TV, phone, tablet and a bloody laptop on the internet at once, so if any of them cause me slow speeds it infuriates me! ha

(Phil) #17

You have the right idea for sure!

(Liam W) #18

In the outbuilding I ‘live’ in, I get around 20-35Mbps as I have to use a powerline adapter.

In the main building, it’s always 100-110Mbps (virgin).

At my Mum’s house, it’s around 3.5-4Mbps, which is useless for a household of between 4 and 5 people.

At university with an Ethernet cable, I’ve got it to go up to 900Mbps before.

Mbps: Megabits per second
MB/s: Megabytes per second, equal to 8Mbps.


(Dave) #19

Virgin Media - 358 Mbps down and 19.4 Mbps up
The Phone Co-op Business (which is TalkTalk VDSL) 52.7 Mbps down and 18.8 Mbps up

I tried to switch to Virgin Media’s business package for work purposes, but they didn’t know what to do with my TV and phone line as it was all part of a bundle. I started to get worried they would mess it up so I cancelled the order.


We dont have TV or phone, everything we get TV wise is streamed, and everyone gets calls on mobile or VOIP for work.

Best thing I ever did was tv cable cutting - who needs to watch on a schedule, watch it when we like :slight_smile: