How Fast Is Your Internet ( sync speed)

  • 1 - 10 MB
  • 10 - 30 MB
  • 30 - 50 MB
  • 51 - 80 MB
  • 80MB+

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Couple of questions:

  1. Why is this topic tagged ‘lending’?
  2. Why have you only gone to 80? :confused:

Also, if you have 10 or 30mbps there are two options so I don’t know which to vote for.

OK if mods could alter please, it won’t let me change options

I put 80+ which means 80 and higher

Also bear in mind that ‘How fast is your internet’ can be interpreted in two different ways.

‘How fast is the service I’m paying for advertised as in my contract’.

‘How fast is my real world speed when I run a speed test’.

For example I live so far away from the telephone exchange that the service I get is never as fast as the service advertised.

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Thanks dude I changed it to sync speed

With fibre its how close you are to the green box (dslam)

I know what 80+ means :rofl:

I meant it’s a strange number to stop on and why so low? I was trying to understand why you chose those ranges.

For example, I don’t know any providers that do 10mbps and on the other end of the scale, what about 100, 150, 200 etc. I believe Virgin Media now do 500?

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Lolz fair enough mate, other than virgin, most providers go upto 80 on open reach lines
When I moved into mine before we had fibre it was 18mb

If your options get adjusted I’ll vote but because of the crossovers I can’t at the moment :slight_smile:

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I have ADSL and live in the middle of nowhere
8mb down 768k up

Three 4g is what I use most the time which gets to 20 down 2up if i’m lucky. (Unlimited so bittorrent, muble voice chats and other stuff that needs a solid connection is always done over this)

I get 29mb/s down and 4mb/s up (on a good day).

My green cabinet, number 7 - I checked it, is 1/2 mile on the very east side of my village and I am at the very west, second to last house.

I really miss my Virgin Fibre 362mb/s… :unamused:

The worst thing is the bundled exchange.
(No choice of ISP other than BT or Plusnet)

It’s not even ADSL2+ so theres no hope.
I’ve never lived in a city or town in my life and my social anexity means i’d like to stay in the countryside.

Use 4G for your home broadband and combine it with a small external aerial and you’ll see between 20 and 30mbps.

I do, I just don’t want to pay for 2 sim only sims so I just teather my phone all the time.

My mom pays for the ADSL. (Living alone is too expensive and i’d rather save my income so I can go places like Japan or Taiwan some day)

If you’re tethering your phone then that will be why you’re not getting good speeds.

Sticking your sim (that allows this) into a router and having an external aerial to boost your 4G signal will see you get a more reliable speed. Mine is with Three and it doesn’t cost much at all.

Edit: Hang on, are you American?

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I just use US English out of habit, I don’t talk to people in real life much. (anti social job/ extreme social anexity)

Online communites is my only hobby outside of work, i’ve been like that since I was 11 years old now 18.

I feel you, I get anxiety attacks too, :+1:t3:

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The only reason I asked was incase the advice I was giving you wasn’t applicable because you were in the USA where it may not be a thing.

Officially FTTC available in my area , but it’s over subscribed and speeds aren’t that great, so I use a three 4g router.

1 Gigabit Synchronous


No “sync” speed for me, it’s all fibre (real fibre, none of this DSL nonsense). Not sure what the underlying speed of it is but the real world speed is 1Gbps. :wink: