NowTV anyone?

I usually sub to sports for the football and usually get a deal £20per month
Cancelled it now the premier league has finished but now getting the entertainment pack for only £3.50 per month. ! Bargain

I’ve got Nowtv fibre broadband and entertainment pass for £19.99 per month. Their streaming service is flawless. I consider it great value for watching box sets.


Fibre is great . What sort of speeds do you get?

@Venomx I get about 37MB which is good enough for me. My ASDL line was pretty good. I used to get about 23MB but Nowtv offered me a deal to get the fibre and it was cheaper overall.

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I generally only use NowTV to subscribe to Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead when it is on Sky Atlantic once a year. I then de-subscribe until the other series is on. In the end, I don’t watch much TV, as I would stream most things I enjoy on YouTube, iPlayer,Netflix (for House of Cards… well I did do…) or buy the Season Pass on iTunes. I occasionally pay for a Sky Sports Day Pass when my team is on but they are not on often enough to pay full monthly pass rates.

Thats fair enough !
With ADSL i got 3megabit, with fibre i get 71megabit !