Getting a Deal With BT

Hi guys

I currently am on Infinity 2 and more than happy with the service. My “£20 off” offer expires next summer the same date my contract does

Would it be worth calling up before it expires to see if they can offer me another discount ? If not I will probably downgrade to a cheaper package ( as long as it offers around 50mb speeds )

I would give them a call and just ask. They more or less always have an offer on :+1:

Your best bet is to wait until you enter the last month of your contract. Before then they have no incentive to offer you anything.

Get through to cancellations/retentions in the final month of your contact and they’ll offer you a good deal. If for any reason you don’t get a decent offer, it’s easy enough to switch to a similar provider and get a decent amount of cashback. Probably work out cheaper than BT too!

Maybe enjoy the fact you’re out of contract instead of signing up again? A few quid/month off isn’t worth loosing your freedom to switch in case they screw up (they are a telecoms provider, so they will screw up, and especially so given they are BT).

Spoke to a helpful guy who said call up about a month before and they can extend the discount :grin:


I currently get 76megabit sync speeds with BT fibre.
If I was to change provider would I still get the same ?
EE and Plusnet have some very good deals

If you stayed on an ISP that uses the Openreach network then yes unless your exchange has G.Fast then some ISPs will go up to 152Mbps

EE, Plusnet or TalkTalk. Are these openreach ?

You could also move to Virgin Media which has faster speeds but you would need to be in their area.


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Plus net is owned by BT it’s their cheap equivelant to TalkTalk

TalkTalk and EE both use openreach network although TalkTalk does have its own equipment in some exchanges

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@Chapuys No Virgin in this area mate unfortunately.

@glasgow Ok think i’ll go with EE then when my sub runs out depending on what deal i get

Got an email offering 18 months for £39 ( currently paying £33 until the contract expires July 2019 ) should i take up the offer or wait until nearer the time ?

I don’t get it. You’re currently paying 33£/month and you want to switch to paying 39? Why?

Incase they don’t offer me a discount at the end of my contract

If you are paying 33/month now you will keep paying that even after the contract ends. They might offer you a discount if you sign up for another contract (and I’d recommend against it) but if not you can keep paying 33/month.

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sorry for the confusion.
My package at the minute is £33 with a £22 discount ( both of which expire next summer ), so it should be £55.

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Never mind. Makes sense.

What are you getting for that price in terms of speed and technology (VDSL, etc)? Any extras like TV, home phone (yeah ISPs for some reason keep offering this even in 2018), discounts on mobile broadband?

an iphone with unlimited texts and minutes, 1gb of data
spare sim card
home phone line
broadband ( 75 down // 20up )

for £70 per month

Wait until your contract expires, they’ll offer you better deals when you issue the cancellation notice.

When you call up and choose the option to leave, you will be put through to the first tier. Stick to your guns and issue the cancellation notice.

The call will either finish or you’ll be put through to retentions - these are the guys who will cut you a good deal!


That’s not a bad deal honestly.