How do i use monzo to pay for items before my card arrives

I am trying to use monzo to buy a subscription service. My card has not arrived yet so i have yet to to activate it. I am unsure how to get details of my account to use to subscribe.

presumably , and I don’t know , because I haven’t done it myself … but if you set up apple pay you would have access to the app , which would provide your account details before your physical card arrives

I dont think i set this up unfortunately

It usually comes pretty quickly though, hopefully, you’ll have it soon


I have a similar problem. I live in the UK but I am in Germany for Christmas. I have to open a UK bank account and have heard only good things about Monozo. I have an address in the UK but I won’t be able to open the letter with my card until January. I don’t have to use the account beforehand, but this month the income must be transferred to the account. Will I get all of my account details right away so I can forward them to get paid?

Many Thanks.

Hi Isabeau & welcome :wave:

From recent reports, I believe you have to activate your physical card using the Monzo app before the app starts to work properly- meaning showing the bank account details to enable transfers and payments.

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Yes, this so frustrating. I do not need the card quickly but need the account details for my payroll… The app looks locked now and the only possible action is to activate the card…