Mondo app access


When I deposit £100 how long does it take for card to arrive?

Also can I access app immediately or do I need to wait for card to arrive?


When I deposited my £100 I got the card the next working day. My memory is that I needed the card to fully open the app.

You get it next day if you topped before 4pm I think.

Got mine the next day was amazed how quick.

The card is required to access the full app. Mostly because the app isn’t all that useful without any transactions to show!

Also … Can you transfer funds from your mondo card to other bank card / account of needed

Got mine next day, app started working properly when I changed my PIN number

It is currently not possible to transfer funds to another bank account.

However, it is possible to transfer funds to another Mondo account.

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You usually get it next day if topped up before 4pm (I believe!) When you get the card through, you can activate it through the app and once you’ve made one payment with your card the app will unlock fully!

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No, but you can withdraw cash the old fashioned way!

This is a beta, as has already been mentioned, lots of functionality will come with their banking licence.

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Thanks - think I’m going to take the plunge :slight_smile:

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