How do I upgrade a joint account?

Hi all,

I’m not seeing the option to upgrade my joint account to premium or whatever. I want to do it so my joint account card is a different colour to my personal account card.

Also where’s the in app chat support? Did it get removed?

Plus/Premium isn’t available for joint accounts.

If you search “Contact” in the help section then you’ll get to talk to someone.


Think outside the box. Upgrade your personal account.

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Think closer to the box. Use a sharpie on it.


Search for the issue you’re having in the help guides and follow the steps :slight_smile:

Also, for a cheap one-off fee to change your card colour you can find many services that sell card stickers/covers in every design you can possibly think of. Even upload your own if you like.

Update: thanks for the help everyone. Turns out the chat is still there, just more hidden. Which is good news. Secondly it turned out that the joint account cards have “joint account” written on them to distinguish them, so there’s no issue.
I was worried they’d be identical to my and my wife’s coral cards, so wanted to get the benefit of the upgrade perks with the added benefit of a differentiated colour… but it’s not needed after all. Good old Monzo

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