International transfer from american banks

Hi! I just got my Monzo card last night and activated it. My parents were going to wire me some money to add money in my account from the Citi Bank in the USA but when they tried to do it, it said that my account didn´t exist. What should I do_

Monzo don’t currently support international transfers. They could try sending it via transferwise

Use a Transferwise account instead.

The Bank´s system recognized Monzo itself and everything worked properly but it appeared as if my account didn´t exist

Could I use Zelle as a way to get money wired to me?

Nope, that’s for US accounts only.

You can use Transferwise and it’s pretty much your only option. I’m not sure if Xoom works or not.

Edit: I think (by PayPal) works as it uses sort codes and account numbers for payments.