How do I increase my limits?

I’ve exceeded my monthly limits. How do I increase these so I can use my card asap?

Hey @odhran02 just had a quick check on the app and it says the limits increase on a rolling 30 day period. So tomorrow you may find the limit increases slightly? Perhaps it may be worth enquiring on the app chat if there is any other way around this.

I’ve put together guides explaining how to check your limits & when they can be increased here -

How do I up the daily limit allowed to be withdrawn from ATM’s using my Monzo Card?

I’ve moved your post here, as hopefully my previous post in the thread answer’s your question.

Just let us know if there’s anything else you’re unsure about :slight_smile:

Hi i maybe being dumb but where is the answer to my question? Sent a chat about this and still haven’t got a reply?

The support team are short staffed this weekend so it may take them longer than usual to reply but they will be able to assist you with this.

The guides in this post explain the process.

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