How do I get back a deleted account

Hi I’ve deleted my account by mistake and cannot seem to get it back. Tried to do it through the app and got declined. Rang customer service but nobody answers help. I need my account back
Actually it’s the app on my phone not the account. Ok

You need to email to get assistance for this issue. No-one on the community can help as most of us are customers here.

It may be the case that they can’t reopen your account immediately - you normally have to wait at least 30 days before you can reopen an account. You may want to look into opening an account elsewhere so you still have a bank account available to you in the meantime.

How did you do it by mistake?

I’d have to guess that they closed the account on purpose and now they want to re-open it so they think if they say “I closed it by accident” someone will take a pitty on them and re-open it.

Sorry OP you can’t close an account by accident


Quite hard to do it by accident, yes

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I actually did. I just deleted the wrong app on my phone. Unbelievable but true.

No glasses on then realised I deleted the wrong app

If you only deleted the app, you didn’t delete the account.

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How do I get it back? I’ve mailed monzo help.

Thank you. What I should have said it’s the app on my phone that I must so deleted. Can that be hit back ?

Download it again from your App Store and log back in.

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What I should maybe have said I deleted the wrong app on my phone which was my monzo This what I’m trying to see how if ossicle can’t I get back

If you just deleted the app, you don’t need to reapply. Just download it again and tap log in, not sign up. That’s probably what you did last time

That last bullet point needs changing…


I’m lost its like any other app, just download it again. Your not limited to downloading it once only.

When it’s downloaded just go to the login screen and enter the details you used to set up the account with.

I thought that the sign up button was more prominent than the log in one (maybe that was with Starling?), in which case I could understand the confusion; but I just had a look and it’s so obvious what one needs to do…

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Dealing with the public is scary, add in technology and it gets a lot worse.


Hi Guys

Thanks for all the advice all sorted app back on the phone. I’m a technophobe so all a bit aghhh.
App back on phone up and running fine. So once again thanks for leading me in the right direction


24/7 help? Surely that’s wrong

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