How do I access my account please?

Sorry if I haven’t posted this in the correct place but this is the first time I have gone into the Monzo site and cannot see how I can access my account?

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Use the app on your phone.

(I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here.)

Hi Fiona & welcome :wave:

Monzo is app-based only, so you’ll access it on an iPhone or Android phone (after downloading and installing the Monzo app on your phone)

If you’ve already opened a Monzo account, you will have already done this using a phone - so as @Feathers states - your issue is a bit of a mystery.

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There is an emergency portal at , but it has very limited features.

I have a Monzo Debit Mastercard and I wish to access my statement for this account please?

Log into the app and access the statements

In the Monzo app;

  • Tap on ‘Home’ to get to the card/account you wish to get a statement for (you may only have one card/account)
  • Tap on ‘Personal Account’ at the top - above the card - this drops the transaction feed to reveal the card/account options (displayed under the card graphic)
  • Tap on ‘Account’ under the card (left-most blue icon)
  • In the section ‘Account statements’, tap on ‘Statement history’ to choose which statement to view/download
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