How can people deposit in my Monzo... that are not on my contacts

What information is required when non contacts on my Monzo like to deposit money into it.

For now you can use


…or you can send a bank transfer to:

Sort Code 20-59-42

Account 13219585

Quoting your Monzo ID (shown at the bottom of your card) as the payment reference

Your ID looks something like 459 087 563 (i.e. 9 digits shown as three sets of three digits)

The sort code and account number are not specific to your account, hence it is essential that ID is quoted in the payee reference field


THANK YOU :wink:

For reply to my question. Have a nice evening… or day.

Sorry forgot to ask is that a limit on how much you can deposit into the account?


Yes. But there are different levels and limits depending on if your account is basic, verified or enhanced. You can view your limits in your app

Thanks… so I need to upgrade my account to get more features I guess.


As for limits on deposits the limit on is I think £100 but by Faster Payments scheme you can pay in a few thousand I beleive. The balance on your account can’t exceed 10K on the prepaid card but that will change with the introduction of full accounts. The list of limits can be confusing to interpret so feel free to contact Customer Services thru chat for clarification

@anon44204028 how do you go up the levels? I’m enhanced and don’t remember doing anything to get there?

It is decided by Monzo. They do it automatically if we meet certain unpublished criteria. It is not something all customers can request and be granted

Ahh that’s interesting. It’s weird as I don’t think there’s really been any verification past my academic email. Seems silly to give me enhanced!

I wonder if it’s something to do with credit score?

It’s to do with electronic verification. They will match your name, date if birth and address to verify you are who you say you are.
They do not run a credit score check.


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