How Can I Stop A Payment Going In To My Account?

Hi, I receive child maintenance every week by standing order but my child is no longer in full time education. Is there a way I can cancel these payments now?

I think you would need to contact the agency or person that is making the payment rather than trying to stop it from the receiving bank end. I am not sure there is a way to reject incoming standing order payments.


Fill in an online form at

Site says to make a phone call rather than fill in a form:

Report by phone
Call the Child Maintenance Service if:

  • a child you get child maintenance for leaves full-time education (up to and including A Level) or reaches the age of 20

Then says where to find the number:

Call the number you were given if you’ve recently applied to the Child Maintenance Service. You can also find the number:

  • in your welcome pack
  • at the top of any letter from the Child Maintenance Service
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Give them my details… :))
I think you have to contact HMRC and report any changes or maybe you can do it online at

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