China - integrate with WeChat and Alipay

(Roger Shepherd) #1

It seems cash is fast disappearing in urban China - New York Times. The article comments how hard it is for non-residents to use the vital WeChat and Alipay services for financial matters. A challenge for Monzo

(Eve) #2

Wechat pay has spread to a good number of Asian countries too, while holidaying in Thailand my boyfriend and his family paid for a lot of things with the service (he’s originally a Shanghai national). Even tickets to tourist attractions in Thailand can be obtained on Taobao (Chinese shopping site) for half the original price. I’ve seen wechat pay in Singapore and Malaysia too, since they get a good number of tourists from mainland China. If Monzo is planning to tackle mainland China they would probably have to end up linking with the service/ partner with a local bank to allow monzo cards to be accepted in the service