How can I see the payer's account details?

I have received a payment from a customer. I now need to enforce a county court judgement against them. To do that I need to know their bank details. The app just shows me their name and how much they paid me. Is there any way to find out the details of the account they used to pay me?

You’d need to ask them?

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Nope, for privacy reasons the option was removed.

“Hi, thank you for your payment. Unfortunately there was a miscalculation with the payment and you have overpaid. We need to refund you £xx.xx. Please provide your account number and sort code and I will make sure this is processed ASAP. Please accept my apologies for this error.”

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Since they are refusing to pay what the court has ordered them to pay I doubt they’ll cooperate with an enforcement process by giving me their bank details.

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If you go to and log in, you’ll be able to view the raw feed of your transactions. It takes a bit of navigating, but once you find the transaction, look for the “counterparty” field and the sender’s sort code and account number should show up (at least it does on recent incoming BACs transaction, OpenBanking payments and Faster Payments).

You might find that when you are in the developer’s API playground, the GET query:


(changing the dates to be either side of the transaction you are looking for)

might help narrow down the results.

Full details of the developer playground are on if you want to get a bit more clever with it [if you have multiple accounts with Monzo, you might want to use the “list accounts” section to get the account id - starting acc_ - for the account you received the transaction in, and then replace the “$account_id” bit in the query with the full acc_… code).

Hope it helps!


That’s very helpful Richard, thank you for all the time and effort you put into your reply! Since I’d understood it was impossible to find the data I’ve taken a different route and applied for a Warrant of Control. I don’t need to know the defendant’s bank account details for that, just his address. The bailiffs will take whatever possessions they judge necessary to cover the debt.

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Good luck in getting your money back :slight_smile:

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