Using Monzo over Christmas 2018

Here’s what you need to know about using Monzo across the holidays:


Great to see a bank being within reach on Christmas day! 24/7 support :heart:

P.S. Or does this mean people in Vegas don’t celebrate Christmas? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know there will be times when people genuinely need to get in touch over Christmas Day/Boxing Day, and it’s great that there will be support :blush:
I hope people only use this in emergencies though so you guys can get a realistic indication of how many c-ops are actually needed over these holidays.

My current employers always mandate too many people to work on days like Boxing Day/1st Jan, and then people sit around twiddling their thumbs with no work to do, wishing they could be with family and friends :cry:

Do Monzo mandate Christmas/Boxing day for a certain number of people or is it optional? (I guess the other side of it is that for some people Christmas can be very lonely and so working would actually be a bonus).

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I’m assuming this will be remote working.

I’d hate to think people are actually going to be in the office. I couldn’t support that.

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Just to confirm, nobody is being forced to work over Christmas. It is extra pay though (not sure how much this year)! We’ll have a support team and a skeleton on-call team around to keep things running.

Not everybody at Monzo celebrates Christmas (at least, on Christmas Day) so it works out fairly well. The shifts are also remote working. :+1:

From experience, Christmas in support last year was mostly PIN recovery and bank transfer queries, with a few questions about cheques. New Years however was almost entirely PIN unblocks/recovery from people of questionable drunkenness. :sweat_smile:


Is there in-office NY party for the poor souls that are on call? :smile:

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the important bit is I’m off 22nd December till 6th January👍

I kid :see_no_evil: