Finishing for Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your families! :santa::christmas_tree::star:

Last day of work for me today until the New Year :tada: which means less procrastination on here :rofl: but hopefully those who are in over the holidays don’t work too hard :wink:

Speaking of which, I wonder if COps are working on Christmas Day :thinking:

When is everyone else finishing?


I’m working up to Xmas Eve, then again on 31st and 3rd Jan (on call but still).

Happy Holidays everyone! :grin:

There will be COps working over Christmas and New Year, so they’ll be about if anyone needs a hand!

No finish as such for me, as I’m still on maternity leave, but this is my daughters first Christmas, so no doubt she’ll enjoy playing with all of the wrapping paper from her presents… :joy:


I work till Sunday then come back on the 27th
Then new year’s Eve and day off
Then a week off in January

Gonna be pretty depressing

I “finished” in 2012. Happy holidays folks. R-


Happy Christmas!

Working right up to Christmas and then back on the 30th

Finish today, then back on the 12th!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today’s my last day as well, back on the 6th :slight_smile:

It was our daughters first Christmas last year and she was 2 month old.

This year is going to be chaos because she now crawls around and destroys everything. She is worse than a cat :rofl:

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I finish at 12 then off to the works’ do … but I agreed to come in Mon/Tue next week because I’m a sucker.

I’m in till lunch-ish Christmas Eve.


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I’ve got lucky this year and taken most of my holiday over xmas, so last day today, xmas party tonight and back in on the 6th

Last day for me too! Working from home today as I live in a flood risk area and I’m here to quite literally baton down the hatches in case the weather gets worse. Also means I’m on full procrastination mode for the day too.

Will have to be back to work on the 27th, but then I’m off again until the 2nd!

Have a great holiday everyone :slight_smile:

Don’t finish until Christmas Eve and then back on the 3rd :frowning:

Happy Christmas everyone!

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I finished at the end of November, as I saved up my holidays. Back in on the 2nd of Jan.

Having a whole month off sounds fun, but all I’ve done is eat and drink and socialise and play my PS4 and watch TV, it’s been hell! :laughing:


Off today (Rise of Skywalker in an hour), working 23rd, then off until the 6th. And a ‘lazy’ Xmas planned too - can’t wait :santa::christmas_tree: :sleeping_bed::turkey: :wine_glass::beer::partying_face::video_game::family_man_woman_girl_boy:

Final day for me too, on call for a few days and nights through the holidays though (we need 24/7 dev coverage through our client’s “super peak” period)

Finishing at 6 on Christmas Eve, back in on the 27th. Merry bloody Christmas.

That sounds amazing! :open_mouth:

I’ve got quite a few holidays to take so I’m considering taking every Friday off for the next couple of months and having long weekends :relaxed:

Using them all at the beginning of December though is an excellent idea, so might do that next year :ok_hand:


What is this “holiday” you all speak of? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Apart from Christmas Day and New Years Day, 2 normal working weeks for me :cry: