How about The Big List 2 for 2019

Maybe there should be two lists. One for new features and one for refinement/improvement of existing features.


As an extra to this… id like to see incomings and outgoings from the same person ( sort code and account number) to be linked.

At the minute in my own instance my incomings from legacy accounts has my middle name for example

I agree with that idea

  • iPad version of app - and ability to remain signed in to phone version/iPad version at same time.
  • more savings options
  • polish to app UI/building on existing features that are needing some love (summary e.g. pay dates etc).

iPad version will be a live safer . I always use my iPad all the time


Improved Merchant Data Correction/Feedback


Really? Someone must be managing the priorities at Monzo!

I’d like

  • Imorovements to summary - in particular I don’t find the categories at all helpful and would like a merchant by merchant breakdown
  • merchant logo management needs a complete overhaul
  • a proper marketplace, or at least some offerings for credit cards, loans, savings, mortgages, etc
  • statements on A4
  • a way to pay in cash that isn’t quite so flawed
  • cheque imaging
  • iPad and proper web access
  • AMEX integration (Marcus integration, barclaycard integration, etc)

And, yes, I would like another big list. The big list did a really good job of managing expectations and telling us what was ahead.


I think one important thing here would be adding merchant logo. I hate the idea of using merchant twitter for logo purposes . Not all takeaways have twitter account.


You can add whatever image link you want. It’s the text that agent changed.

Can you explain how to do it :slight_smile:

Just put the image URL where you’d normally put the Twitter handle.

  • Fix the Pulse graph

Kill it, or integrate it properly with summary. Because at the moment, it’s worse than useless; a few months ago I accidently overspent my monthly budget because I was looking at the Pulse graph, but it was wrong and the number on Summary I should’ve looked at was the correct one.

Given that it is accepted within Monzo that the Pulse graph hasn’t worked out as hoped (based on community posts from Hugo), fixing it one way or another should be a priority this year.

  • Make committed spending pots happen

I have payments that go out every month, but there’s sometimes quite a gap between the summary period starting and the payment going out. Let me ringfence the money by putting it in a pot so that when the money is claimed, it’s there.

This is actually related to the previous bullet-point, where because following the Pulse graph threw me off, a committed payment failed because my balance was pennies under. Being able to securely ringfence the money would’ve prevented this happening.

  • Weekly Summary

I get paid monthly but have always budgeted weekly. Because Summary is monthly, I find this leads to overspending at the start of the month and scrimping at the end. To an extent, I can mitigate this by using pots to ‘hide’ money, but (a) this is inelegant, and requires more work from me moving money back and forth, and (b) this doesn’t help people who are paid weekly.

  • Dedicated merchant enrichment staff

COps do a great job, but unfortunately I had one interaction earlier this month where I struggled to make them understand the issue I had (I was buying things from a website and it was showing a map instead of ‘Online transaction’, which was confusing me when I was checking some payments). Ultimately they did explain what went ‘wrong’ (tl;dr, merchant payment flags mainly), but it did take a little too long to get to that point.

I also have a bizarre issue where all my payments at TK Maxx are now showing as ‘Leroy’. I’ve reported this twice now using the ‘Improve name…’ option, but hasn’t been corrected yet. It’s a bit frustrating because it’s so clearly wrong, and I don’t know how it got changed in the first place.

I used to dabble with Wikipedia, and also with LibraryThing, and one thing common to the community-sourced information on both - the latter especially - is the lack of accountability. You could get something just perfect, and another member of the community could get it wrong again. Sometimes it’s immaterial, but other times it’s really, really important - to take LibraryThing, my biggest problem was misgendering of non-Cis writers.
Wikipedia is somewhat better than LibraryThing in that it records diffs, and that it allows soft or hard locks of pages, so protecting against damage can be done to some extent or other.

I think Monzo merchant enrichment needs to reach the same point somehow. ‘Difficult’ edits need to be able to be locked so that the hard work of the COp who gets it right isn’t undone by the next COp reacting to a report in isolation. Merchants that flip-flop need to be locked and referred to COps who have the time to carefully pick through everything and correct it all. And where merchants themselves mess up by changing their codes (or whatever you call it), there should be dedicated people to pick up on this.

Don’t get me wrong, COps are great, and do a fantastic job. But I do think there needs to be a (small?) specialist team whose main job is merchant enrichment.

tl;dr, hire @RachelR full-time already :sweat_smile:

  • Make Monzo more accessible

Improve the emergency web site.
Create a properly laid-out iPad app.
And an app I can use on my Chromebook.

Being the leading Online bank is the future, I think. Moreso than being the leading mobile bank. Many people have vaild reasons for wanting to use a bigger screen. The recent entry into business banking only makes that more important, I think.

  • Bring on the wall marketplace!

If not now, when? 2019 should be the year that Monzo either make something happen, or admit it isn’t possible. If the latter, a clear statement of the revised goals/plans should be made.

That is, I think, everything that comes to mind right now.

Edit: wait, I tell a lie.

  • Make the pots flows more consistent

If I go to the accounts tab, tap on a pot, I can see the totals deposited/withdrawn/rounded up. Tapping on them does nothing.

If I go to the Home feed, tap on an ‘added to pot’ item, I can see Number of deposits, and tapping on that gives a list of all the individual deposits and withdrawals - I should be able to see this information via the accounts tab as well, but I can’t.


Everything i want is already being built or has been mentioned that it’s intended. Committed spending pot, investment pot, savings accounts with no minimum to open, images for pots (a nice but not important) and new IFTTT triggers


I’m sorry full-time will not happen in 2019. I do love Merchant Reviews and Monzo. But until there’s a team for MR’s (or maybe something to do with accessibility) I will unlikely go back to Monzo in the near future. Sorry! (due to university work)


My tongue, as I hope the emoji indicated, was firmly in cheek. :grin: I wish you all the very best with your future ventures - whatever you do, I’l sure you’ll be fantastic! :trophy:


Who knows what I might do in the summer :speak_no_evil:


Perhaps a Big List 2 just for the Current Account teams could work then?

So the Big List contained 14 items and had a deadline of 3 months. Excluding things already being worked on (loans, account tab redesign, custom pot images, export personal data) and longer term projects (SEPA access, cheque imaging, business accounts, Monzo Plus, energy switching), these are the things I’d pick:

  • Improved payee management

    1. Redesign Payments tab including alphabetical payee contacts list and ability to select a payee after choosing “Send via bank transfer”.

    2. Add payee contact without sending money.

    3. Rename payee contacts.

  • Improved scheduled payments

    1. Scheduled Monzo-to-Monzo transfers.

    2. Retry standing orders, scheduled Monzo-to-Monzo transfers and scheduled pot transfers from “failed” fee items.

    3. More flexible standing orders, scheduled Monzo-to-Monzo transfers, scheduled pot transfers and subscription frequencies (“Every X days/weeks/months/years”).

    4. Recurring notes for scheduled transfers.

    5. Edit scheduled pot transfers.

  1. Committed spend pot

  2. Android-iOS parity ==> bring all the stuff on the Android-iOS Parity Wiki to both platforms, except the big ticket items which require more work (eg: advanced searching, more granular notifications).

  3. Bill Splitting and Shared Tabs for outgoing Monzo-to-Monzo transfers, incoming Faster payment and incoming Monzo-to-Monzo transfers.


Finishing off big list 1 properly should come before big list 2 :grin:


I propose that future list names follow this format:

The Big List
2 Big 2 List
The Big List: Monzo edition
It’s Big & a List
Big 5
The Big List 6
List 7

(you can tell they aren’t trying anymore by 5)

On a more serious note, I would love Committed Spending Pots and more rules for Pots in general, more IFTTT, and custom images for Pots should be an easy win. Revamping Pulse and budgeting would be nice too.


What should be on it?

You mean there isn’t a Big List somewhere already? Regardless of complexity there must be one view of what is in the development pipeline, so why not abstract that a little and present it to us? What do you show to senior managers/exec?

There is plenty of active users on here to give feedback on things already on the plan, rather than opening the floodgates for items which are, at best, only wanted by a small number of people and who bring no value to the offering (metal cards anyone, yeah I said it!).