How about The Big List 2 for 2019

The Big List 2: Electric Bogaloo


I just want Monzo to smarten up and complete the features already implemented.

IFTTT is half finished, payment contacts are half finished, international payments are half finished, Pots are half finished, Account screen is about to be (hopefully) finished. Pulse, half finished. Join accounts, half finished… I could probably continue this list.


I like this list here. Definitely one of the best compilation ever. SEPA transfer and IBAN will be one of the things to do in my list. I would love to send money from Malaysia to my uk bank account. At the moment I have to transfer from Malaysia bank - to Natwest - to Monzo . Too much of work .


Absolutely, I wish they can start polishing it up to more refined product rather then half baked. It’s working fine at the moment but needs more fine tuning to make it look like a market leading product.


Think everything has pretty much been said here - but something I think would just be awesome would be a “Lottery Pot” - akin to NS&I.

The money in the Lottery Pot means you are put into a raffle for £x. Depending on how much you have in the Pot the more chance you have of winning.

Monzo could just dump the Lottery Pot money into Bonds (the Pot for the customer would be non-interest gaining) and would take say 3-5 days to take out so its pretty locked in from Monzo’s point of view.

That way Monzo has a stable-ish source of funds and you could win some money!


How about a Big List that is open only to Monzo Plus account holders? :joy:

This is a topic about Big Lists, after all.


That’s dangerous . Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Defeats the purpose of Monzo

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I’d like to be able to lock pots until they reach the target value.

EG right now, my rounded up amounts go in to a pot. I’d like to lock it so I can’t withdraw until the pot reaches £100. This is preferable since I can’t plan how much is going to go into the pot since it’s based on other spending rather than structured saving.


I think what would be great from Monzo is if we had two lists:

the “What We’ll Build in 2019” list - i.e. all the new stuff that hasn’t been brought out by Monzo yet; and

the “Big List/ Update List” being the list of things that need updating/ tweaking/ new iterations to be released

That way we can see the two being run in tandem and can see visually what is going on where


This will be an amazing idea . Honestly !

OK, my starters would be:

Pulse forward projection

  • to reflect DDs, SOs and transfers scheduled within the display range.
    (This would be the big headline update for me and free up Summary if anyone wants to start plugging data from other accounts into there.)

Payee management

  • Add new payees freely (without a payment)
  • Edit payee and account names
  • re-order payee list and accounts list (within payees record).
    (Don’t care about pictures or other contact type data)

Pot transfer edits

  • Bring into line with SOs

Credit Card Balance view in app

  • If we can invent a cleaver algorithm for predicting statement balance then use it in Pulse/Summary. If not, keep it separate.

Stretch items

Recurring deposits (Committed Income)

  • Allow a deposit to be flagged as recurring to allow Summary/Pulse to include it in projections
    (Aware that this is a bit of a culture shift as it means Summary figures are now depending on income which Monzo can’t see or control with all of the potential risk that entails.)

Multiple pots mapped to an interest bearing account

  • Combine multiple pots behind the scenes into an interest bearing object.
    (Back-end implementation looks like a single interest pot, front-end implementation looks like multiple pots.)

This list may grow…


My Big List would include:


  • Make this far more granular and flexible- including extra categories and/or custom categories
  • Make tags more meaningful (I’m not sure what purpose they serve at the moment)

Budgeting Periods

  • This work has been started and left very much unfinished
  • Set it up so nth weekday of the month (last Thursday, second Friday) etc is available
  • Other pay frequencies like weekly, fortnightly

Pulse Graph

  • Like others have mentioned - include upcoming commited spending in Pulse

Commited Spending

  • This pot would be a gamechanger!

Other bigger projects would be ISAs, regular savers etc etc

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Can we tag the relevant Monzo Cops so that they can make note of this requests

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Absolutely sensible to work on the basics and getting it polished first.

@simonb, what’s your thought on all the opinions mentioned in this thread. I think it will be good to have the big list 2 to keep the adrenaline rush

I kinda feel like the Making Monzo subforum is like a Big List in itself, but it would be great if there was a regular update from the teams working on the projects as to how they’re coming along.

Those threads have mostly died a death as once some new functionality is announced as being in development it goes quiet until it’s released.


Another vote for committed spending pot… Must be the most mentioned thing in this thread!


Just voted for this.

I loved The Big List. It would be really great for Monzo set put a few Current Account teams on a Big List 2 made up of improvement-type features (rather than completely new stuff which other teams could keep working on).


I wish they can fine tune the current account to make it smooth and bug free


It is bug free for me, and very smooth. I’m on iOS if that helps.

Of course it’s not actually bug free, but it’s good enough that I am more than happy with the quality of the currently provided app.