Hotels and ID?!

Can drive, pay taxes, join the army and have a kid, but cannot get a credit card or stay in a hotel - a mad couple of years of a life there thrown up by UK laws and practices

Asking for ID may be to confirm ID/payment related issues. However, another main reason for asking is for safeguarding and child protection. Hotels have to report all suspicious check-ins to the police. It is easier to have blanket policies for ID to cover all bases avoid avoid false reports.

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Foreign chain using a US looking booking system. I’ve never had it either and stayed in a hotel at least once in most of the cities in the north for boozing purposes.

I submitted it anyway, apparently she thinks it’s normal, but I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

I reckon it’s because it is smaller than say Premier Inn, just in case you trash the joint. That’s my thought.

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But in that case, who cares about ID? It’s the credit card that’s important.

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Which they also have. Good old Barclaycard.

I’ll have to prevent any washing of underwear in the kettle. That’s what people do right? :face_vomiting::nauseated_face:

That’s patently not the case, is it, unless it’s all fantasy.

I’m just concerned that you’re going to post something about yourself (or other forum members that you know personally) that’s going to come back and bite you at some point. Once it’s on the internet it’s very difficult to take back.


Aww I loved this film!

Would you really wanna be watching that hotel room? :joy:

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“Do hotels need to ID?” but with a preamble from r/ihavesex


It’s not so much if damage occurs, but to screen people to prevent it. Most people who are planning a significant party or something will use fake names, often places are also booked with fraudulent cards.

Hosts and hotel owners often find damage very distressing.

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What about the TV show?

Not sure I know it :sweat_smile:

On Prime - very new! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back to the topic…

Could be a good TV Series to watch in a Hotel :eyes:

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Defo not for me but this thread though. What a read…