Hopping the Pond

Since Monzo is hopping across the pond I thought it would be neat to ask questions of each other that we are generally curious about regarding our countries. I’ll start with a few.

  1. Do folks from the US sound “cool” as we think the British accent is “cool”? Aside from us being loud, what do you think of the way we talk?

  2. What’s the deal with Marmite?

  3. Favorite breakfast?

  4. Preferred beer type? Mostly stouts? IPA?

  5. How do you feel about tourists? I live in a area where there are basically none of the tourists.

  6. What’s a common misconception that you find annoying/bothersome?

  1. Sorry to say it but, in general, I find the American accent (yes I know there are many varieties) quite grating, it is possibly my least favourite accent along with Canadian. However, I will make an exception for the New York accent.
  2. Never tried it.
  3. Eggs Benedict, full English, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast are some of my favourites. Warm croissant from a Parisian bakery also up there.
  4. Lager, Weißbier, IPA. Not a big drinker though, only on occasion and never in the house.
  5. No problem with tourists if they’re respectful and don’t make a mess. Same as anybody else.
  6. Cant think of one off the top of my head.

No worries. I find the way most of us talk grating as well. Mostly because we are loud but the Midwest accent (where I am from) can sound uneducated, especially rural Midwest (to be fair they probably are, see Trump).

I love Eggs Benedict. Never had salmon with my breakfast though.

Try Eggs Royale sometime. You wont look back. R-


The American accent is either incredibly sexy, or incredibly annoying. But I can’t tell where an accent is from in North America.

Marmite is a waste product from the brewing industry, and tastes like it.

Favourite breakfast for me is sausage, bacon, fried egg, beans, mushrooms. With toast and butter.

I’ll drink pretty much anything. I’m not proud (or proud of it).

I like all tourists, apart from the ones who stand around in large groups, or can’t make a quick decision over food or drink.

The worst misconception for me is muddling up British, English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish (Northern). I can see how easy it is to do, and to be fair, a lot of English people do it as well, but it does grind my gears.

Listen to Roger.

Some US accents are wonderful, but just as you say some grate on you so some UK accents have the same effect on me. I am slightly biased though as I have US relatives - Maryland.

Have tried it. The “love it or loathe it” is a great marketing strategy and is accurate. P.s I loathe it - my partner loves it.

As before Eggs Royale. Now I have a foolproof egg poaching technique I make these at home. 95% accuracy with the eggs :sweat_smile:

Copper or amber ales. Doombar is my current favourite.

Necessary evil - I have been one many times.

Have to think about that a bit longer - Getting prepped for Dr Who.


Yup - Joan Watson [Elementary]

Yup - Sherlock [Elementary]


Walk me through it?

Muffin [toasted for a lighter bite] smoked Salmon, poached egg topped with warm Hollandaise sauce. R-

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When I was last in North Carolina, it was the assumption that all white people are racist, by white people.

I had a conversation that went something like, you’re English, you’re white, so you must love Enoch Powell too… You don’t get that sort of thing on this side of the pond.

Do folks from the US sound “cool” as we think the British accent is “cool”? Aside from us being loud, what do you think of the way we talk?

i feel like the british accent can be mistaken for another american regional accent tbh, it’s still english and i can understand what people are saying :sweat_smile:

the only “cool” part that comes to mind is the british narrator voice

What’s the deal with Marmite?

never heard of it

Favorite breakfast?

breakfast burrito, usually i would just meal prep 30+ in an afternoon, then freeze and reheat them for a month. taco bell and wawa also has great burritos when i’m in a rush

Preferred beer type? Mostly stouts? IPA?

i don’t usually drink beer, but when i wanna disassociate i really love myself a guinness solely because it tastes like coffee

How do you feel about tourists? I live in a area where there are basically none of the tourists.

tourists are cool i guess, but when i show my visiting friends around i like to drag them far outside the touristy areas

What’s a common misconception that you find annoying/bothersome?

not everyone in america has guns, at most roughly 1/3 of the people i know a actually own one

One thing I have quickly learned is that you folks got breakfast down. My favorite breakfast feels quite bland in comparison. A waffle, side of bacon and some eggs is all it takes to make me happy.

I absolutely have to try an Eggs Royale. I do love a good smoked salmon.

I get that too sometimes. It is disheartening. In particular because those folks feel there is some unspoken bond with anyone with white skin. I have had many of them just talk poorly of other races/religions and it is incredibly awkward. Thankfully no one I associate with is like that, and if they were I would end that relationship straight away.

My fiancee is half english half chinese and she loves Marmite. Got the love of it from her father. Down south they enjoy Vegimite. Its rather polarizing down there as well.

I do love a good breakfast burrito. Do you eat breakfast at restaurants? Theres this chain called First Watch, they make a mean breakfast burrito.

I do want one, but not for sport. I grew up in a particularly dangerous part of St. Louis, Missouri from a young age. I do not feel safe in lot of our larger cities at night because of that. I live in a small college town now so I do not feel that way anymore, but you won’t see me walking the streets of St. Louis at night. Granted that could be said of most larger cities at night off the beaten path.