A big hello!

Good evening all!

My name is Daniel Appleby and I have just joined the Customer Ops team at Monzo. :tada: I am looking forward to speaking with as many of you as possible during my time here, but for now I will offer three facts about myself:

  • I have previously worked in Colombia, and on my first day ordered a Big Mac at McDonald’s (Despite not liking them) because it was the only item on the menu that was the same as the English equivalent…Thankfully my Spanish is a lot better now. :wink:

  • I enjoy writing, from poetry to longer stories.

  • I was once mistook for being part of a ‘Tour de France’ pro cycle team by a Mexican family in Paris, which resulted in a 30 minute photo meet & greet near the Eiffel tower. :bike:

Please feel free to ask me any questions, or just drop by and say hello!

All the best,



For me the most annoying thing is McDonald’s in the UK using American measurements, so they call a Royal Cheese a Quarterpounder.

I haven’t the faintest idea what 1/4 of a Pound is…I thought it was 25p :joy: but that is the problem for my generation who were educated in the UK at the time of the Metrification Board. A change of Government after an election and it was scrapped. So we had learnt every metric measurement imaginable while the country went on using fluid ounces, yards, reams, and other nonsense :angry:

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Welcome Dan! I noticed a lot of likes but not many replies so thought i’d poke my head out of my shell :turtle: We’re a shy bunch around here, unless your post is anything to do with apple pay / hot coral / investing in monzo - in which case we’re all very argumentative and obnoxious, so you probably should’ve mentioned that you hate apple pay and think people waving their phones in front of POS terminals are morons, you think the card should be brown and you own all the shares in monzo and think no one else should have any - that would get a few thousand replies :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey Dan :raised_hand:

Love that third fact, 15 mins of fame ticked off the bucket list then?

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Welcome to the :monzo: family - I’m sure you’ll fit in just right here :slight_smile:


Haha thank you @rarther I will be sure to include some of those key points in future posts. :muscle:

One of my life highlights @joebloom ! There is even picture evidence…

Thanks a lot @Dunsford :grinning:

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