Honest Mobile

Came across the following, thought folks might be interested, as everyone has mobile these days, I have signed up myself.
Honest Mobile, a new mobile operator starting up soon - “building a better mobile network together”

Feel free to use my referral link:

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It’s quite expensive


It’s quite expensive. What sets them apart really apart from getting on the social responsibility trend?

Whats masts do they use? They don’t give this information at all as far as i can tell? This would be important as they don’t have their own masts and there’s only one mast here that gives me signal, so without wifi calling it would be useless to me if there not on the right masts.

Do they offer 4g? 5g? visual voicemail? wifi calling? tethering?

Not trying to burn down a new thing, but there’s lots of questions to answer still i think.


Looks like they’ll be using more than one network somehow

Honest uses more masts than any single UK mobile network.

They are promising EU roaming forever, and as far as I know, the only U.K. network to do this is Three :man_shrugging:

They seem to be advertising the Ofcom mandated text-to-switch service as a feature of themselves. They’ve even stuck their own marketing name on it, “QuickSwitch”. :sweat_smile:

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Everyone does this, its not really an issue, but obviously its not a unique selling feature.

Nor is the EU roaming ‘forever’ for example, forever is just another selling word. They’ll offer it so long as its viable. If its not viable, they’ll remove it or increase prices. Probably the latter. Everyone offers EU roaming and international roaming so long as you continue to pay them enough.

They are. Or they must be, I assume EE and Vodafone for them to get the increased coverage, but that would come with increased cost i would imagine, possibly quite significant costs unless they’re only paying for access to specific towers.

But without knowing which its currently a non-starter for me at least.

It’s not a good start on the honesty front. :sweat_smile:


If you go to their page for business users (https://business.honestmobile.co.uk/), it has the EE and O2 logos. Could be a using both of these providers?

Also the price might confirm this kind of setup, as if you look up any multi network setup they usually have quite expensive plans.

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They have updated the faqs - it looks to be Three as their main provider and then EE and O2 as auxiliary suppliers. You need a Bolton to use them though.

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Here’s one:

Wait. What? Not that sort?

Oh, a bolt-on…

I’m presuming that comes at a cost so the main benefit they’re marketing— the best network coverage—isn’t included in the standard product? :thinking:

Honestly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Uploading: D9F635B1-F06C-4896-9553-936B0DA11557.png… I have been using it for the last few days. There’s pros and cons . It is pricey for the package they are offering . They are using 3, O2 and EE network. It changes between this 3 network depending on coverage at that area. I am getting variable download speeds at the moment .

For example during peak hours I can get 80mbps on EE but with honest mobile speed is capped at 20mbps on EE .

During non peak hours I am getting the same speed for both 3 on my home broadband using 3 and using the honest mobile .

The beauty is you have more network option. Some area that I am working has better O2 coverage then EE or 3 and vice versa.

It’s fairly a new company and I am still giving them constructive feedback.

As mast sharing agreements grow especially in rural areas I see less of a value for multi carrier sims.

EE and three share masts , and O2 and Vodafone also do , so with eSims and dual SIM phones common now you realistically just need a main sim on one network and a backup sim from one of the other group.

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They seem like nice folks with good intentions.
Joined and provided some beta feedback and they were very nice and responsive.

Progress in the last few months is pretty quick too.

But, yeh, price is not super competitive. Some they need to do this to grow.
And the Three signal where my family live, where I live and where I work is horrible!

You can but the bolt on for the signal share, but as mobile devices don’t actively check which provider has the best signal, you have to manually change to another signal to avoid Three with their 1 bar service.

I’ll stick around. I’m kinda interested in how they will progress

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Same here. They are very responsive in replying back. I have Been giving constructive feedback in the last one week.

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