Planning a road trip

Hey everyone!

First off, to those who came to our Open Office event last night, thanks for coming! We have so many awesome ideas that we’re going to make happen for the community over the next few weeks thanks to you.

It’s so great to speak to people face-to-face (as well as on here or elsewhere online!).

As part of the run up to our next crowdfunding campaign and current account launch, we’re planning a bit of a road trip, taking Monzo on the road to 4 or 5 cities outside of London in March. It’ll be an opportunity to hear us talk through the Monzo journey, see upcoming features, ask us anything and then chat to the community over a drink and snacks.

I’ve put this poll up on Twitter ( but wanted to ask where you all think would be best.

Initially I’m thinking the 4 capitals (Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London), then maybe another 2 cities up and down the UK? (One south, one north, maybe?) Partnering maybe with local co-working spaces.

What do you think? Where are the biggest hotspots?


Great idea! Manchester would be awesome :smiley:


+1 for Manchester North West is the next biggest congregation of people :+1:

Also, sad can’t add any more options to the Poll, as I bet Manchester would get loads of votes :frowning:


Bristol seem to have a lot of students with cards however this is quite close to Cardiff. Being down in Somerset myself I will do my best to get somewhere to see you guys when this happens so long as it’s a weekend/evening thing. Work seems to get in the way, annoyingly.

I don’t think “London” will be necessary. It’s not “outside of London” for example. :wink:


What about Southampton for South?

Manchester for North?

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Have you considered Norwich?

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Maybe Brighton for the south? For some reason I get the feeling that many people down there might not be able to get to London to see you so easily :thinking: They might appreciate you coming to them.

Southampton for the South, Northampton for the North and when you branch out to the USA Easthampton and Westhampton (though they both in the West). But seriously, Manchester should be considered.

Scotland please :pray: (especially Glasgow ;P)