Historical data migration from PP to CA


Can we ask to not get the pre paid transaction data synced to the new account?


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@dww There won’t be an option to opt out of the data sync I’m afraid :frowning:



So I’ll be able to see all of the coffee shops and restaurants I’ve been extravagant in :hushed:



all my mcdonalds transactions in one app :fries: :fearful:



shame, when we asked on and off for many months.


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I’m not sure the length of request time should make any difference to this or anything else.

The implication is that we can override any Monzo decision if we only ask for long enough. I don’t like the sound of that at all.



No. The implication is however reasoned requests may be the reality is Monzo listen to the community when it suits them to rubber stamp one of their ideas but any constructive suggestions not following the party line will be swept under the carpet, such as PIN protection on the app and an option to import prepaid history or not.


Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure
Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure
Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure
Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure

The significance of the length of time is the longer the period that they are aware of the request from various users then the more time they have to incorporate it in their plans or time to write the code.


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Maybe to divert resources to do database work to enable a switch could take resources away from the migration itself. Just because the community have spoke, they are a business and free to make their own decisions for the direction of the company. If they done everything we asked, it would be a pretty crap experience.



Drat. You too!?



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Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure
Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure
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How does the data sync/migration occur? I’ve been using the preview CA and received an email from TestFlight today inviting me to test the new Monzo Current Account.

I’ve also upgraded to the current account in the original pre-paid app and have been informed that I will be sent a new card etc. However when I select the blue ribbon at the bottom of the screen to “Finish setting up your current account” the screen just goes black with a dark blue band across the top.

My CA transactions have not been migrated to the app, so it now appears as though I’m running two current accounts! I’ll raise this separately with support but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?


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People have found that after migrating from the CA preview back to main blue Monzo app, it’s often necessary to log out and log back in again (to the blue app) for everything to sync correctly.


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That worked. Thank you very much.

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Im still slightly confused as to what I should expect to see in the current account app in terms of historical data, or even which app I’m supposed to be using.

I’m on android, and did the upgrade from the link in the PP app a few weeks ago.

I now have a current account card, and the PP card is deactivated as expected (I tested it and it was declined…).

So on Android I have the original blue app (Monzo) and the white app (Monzo bank).

The blue app shows all my historical prepaid transactions as well as my new current account ones, but the white app only shows the opening balance (the balance that was left on my PP card when I upgraded) and any new transactions on my current account. No historical data has been copied across.

I have logged out of and in to both apps, several times.

Am I supposed to uninstall one of these apps? Which is the long term current account app, and if it is the white one shouldn’t my historical transactions already be imported across? When new features are released (e.g. Pots) will they be released in to the blue app or the white one?

Thought I’d check in to see if I’m just confused before I reported the missing historical transactions in the white app as a bug.



Uninstall White App. Blue which use to be your Prepaid app is the main and only App after migration

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Keep the blue one, ditch the white one


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Hey @crowx,
Sorry for the confusion :see_no_evil:

The “blue” app is the one to use going forward.
That’s the one showing the “combined” transaction history (prepaid and upgraded account).

The “white” app (“Current Account Preview”) can be uninstalled :skull:



That was worth doing then! :grin:

Thanks everyone.

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