(CA Alpha) Will I receive a second debit card?

Hi, I was already part of the Monzo CA alpha, with the separate “white background icon” app.

Now as far as I have understood that app is dismissed and there is just one Monzo App, but when I click “Upgrade to CA” and I try to follow the procedure, it speaks about shipping another Debit Card!

Is that right?

Does it mention it? Yes, because most people weren’t on the preview so need a new card

Will they send another one? No, your two accounts will merge and your existing debit card will continue to work.

It worked for me that way and I haven’t seen a single message from a CA Preview holder getting a second card in error so it’s looking quite reliable.

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There were plans to send all the CA preview testers new cards like everyone else but that was changed before the switches started. If you have an earlier version card (I have v1.0 for example) you can request a replacement I believe.