Transferring payment history from prepaid to current account

Hi everyone,

I am sorry if this has been answered somewhere already but I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything.
I’d like to know if there is or will be a way, once the current account will be released in masse, to transfer the payment history from the pre-paid card to the one on the current account. Thanks

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Hi, yes, your data will be transferred over eventually :+1:

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Monese had this issue and when you log into your new account there is a link at the bottom of the account history which if you click on it will bring up transactions from the previous account. Unfortunately there was no user choice in the matter and no way of opting out. Annoying if you wish to not import historic data

Thanks Alexs, sorry I missed that. That thread was the first place I looked at, must have missed it!

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It probably doesn’t help that there’s almost 500 posts in that thread now :wink: no worries!

Out of curiosity, why would you not want the data?

How do manage to keep track of everything? It’s impressive!!

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Thanks :blush: it’s mostly just figuring out how the search works on this site!


I’ve clearly not mastered that yet!! Thanks for updating the wiki, searched there too but couldn’t find it.
Excited to get my account tomorrow, and feel even better now that I know that at some point I’ll have all of my monzo data all in one place!

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Were it a current account then the data for useage would tie in well with my expected usage on another current account.

However as it was a prepaid card my usage pattern would not be similar to a current account and hence screw up any stats I do if based on historical data covering the old card and new

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I see, I guess I have been almost exclusively my monzo card for a while so I am eager to be able to keep that data.

But especially if you haven’t,the amount of data you have from the prepaid account will be considerably smaller than the current account data so it would only affect your stats for a short while?

Or rather marginally affect them

I want the data to be merged over as I have been topping up from my main account, to not have that data would defeat the purpose of using the card as I may as well have just used cash for all of those transactions.

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Monzo could also give us a way to filter out the data from certain analysis etc. -

(there’s been a lot of discussion in that thread about this already btw, in case anyone wants to avoid repeating themselves).

I’d rather not import too - most because my usage isn’t a good indicator of spending as a pre-paid card. The current account will be much better for data analysis.

I’m looking forward to a fresh account!

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@tom confirmed last night that your pre-paid data will be brought over for your current account.

I didn’t think to ask if it would be differentiated somehow.


I doubt it would be too difficult to ask?

The only problem might be with transferring balance, however that could be done more manually I guess - I have no idea how they intend to deal with residual prepaid balance but I’d assume it would just transfer with the rest of your history.

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