Change Address on Bank Statement

Hi there, I am desperately trying to find out how to change my Address details that appear on my bank statements. I have changed my new address onto the app but the bank statements keep printing my old address on! Who can I contact and how? Many thanks.

Was it the correct address for the period the statement covers?


This :point_up_2:

I recall a similar topic whereby it only updates your address onto future statements. It doesn’t modify old ones.


Is this a law/rule with most places?

I guess as otherwise you could change address and then use an old statement to “show” that you’ve lived there for years.


I actually thought the other topic was complaining that the address was updated on historic statements. I’m not sure though.

Ohhh you might be right. Sorry, I initially read the OPs question wrong.

This topic?

The last comment in there about a “recent change in process” confuses me more though :see_no_evil:

Bad, bad idea if they need the document for any form of official proof. Great way to get a CIFAS/criminal record for fraud

After 5 minutes of digging around the app (the navigation is a bit of a mess if you don’t use the app regularly. Too many places to swipe/tap/scroll with unclear functions. Do I tap my profile picture? Do I swipe down? If so, which option?) I found my statements and can report that historic statements don’t get updated. On iOS at least


That would be creating a fraudulent statement, would it not?


It was a terrible solution. No more.


Back when I was still of school age, using a marker pen to upgrade my grade from a ‘D’ to a ‘B’ when showing my parents my report card was also a ‘quick solution’ when I was ‘desperate’…

(That is to say, you will get caught out and it will end badly.)


Ah - but was your new grade credible? Do you ‘look’ like a B student?

It ‘perfectly’ fit the use case in every way. Terrible? Really?


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Photocopying a cheque will also replicate the look of it perfectly. Will it get you in trouble? Absolutely.

You don’t want to be caught falsifying any official documents unless you want to find yourself in big, big trouble. Not sure how you can’t see why it is wrong

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Terrible. Stupid. Illegal.

All words that could be applied to your “solution”.


I presume you’ll be equally supportive of the subsequent “Monzo closed my account, what does CIFAS mean?” thread


So fraud is OK if you’re desperate, is it? Why not amend your balance as well whilst you’re at it? Make yourself look stinking rich instead of poor? Doctoring your statement is a terrible suggestion, in any circumstances.

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I’m gonna lock this thread for now :hot_coral_heart:

It’s definitely not a great idea to modify bank statements; please don’t do this :no_good_man:

Our bank statements will now show your address as it was for the time period the statement covers :house_with_garden:

As a quick example:

  • Pretend you lived in London in January, Cardiff in February and Glasgow in March.
  • If you grab April’s statement from the app you’ll see your Glasgow address :+1:
  • But if you download a statement for February you’ll see your (old) Cardiff address and if you go for January, you’ll see :drum: London!

:question: Which address would a statement covering Jan, Feb & March show?
:information_source: It’ll show your current address (from the example above), we show the address at the end of the statement period.

@CaseyStack :wave: if you’re running into any trouble with your statements, please pop us a message through the app or fire an email over to :pray: