Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

Thanks for the feedback @ASKendrew! Have passed on to the Savings team.


@misterspam: I created a thread for date/deadline on pots here.

I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but I would love for Pots to be hidden from the main page. Too much clutter!

I don’t recall someone asking for them to be hidden but there are concept designs that show them taking up significantly less space, which should make a huge difference :slight_smile:

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Sounds good :+1:t2:

Hidden Pots have been mentioned a few times as a feature to potentially help people save money (out of sight, out of mind).

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Statements need to be improved to better summarise pots such improvements could include:

  1. Pot name to be given instead of just “transfer to savings pot”
  2. As well as the total balance, there should be a list of sub totals listing the individual pots and main account.
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It would be great if we could select our own photos for different pots, I find the options quite limited and it would be better to see an image of what we are saving for for example…as I’ve currently got 4 piggy banks which doesn’t look great!

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Hi @Birdsy You’ll be pleased to know this is in the works,

Hope you don’t mind me moving your post to join the others :slight_smile:


Guess what folks! :wink:

The pots detail screen we’ve all been eagerly awaiting… :eyes: It’s almost here!



Sorry if this question has been asked already but… If you have a pot that is locked, can IFTTT still withdraw money from it?


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I can’t decide if that’s good or bad? I quite like the idea of my weekly budget being taken from a pot that I can’t access so I can’t take the money before it should be taken. So much easier than having to create lots of different pots that unlock at different times every month

I would probably lock a pot until the day you’d like IFTTT to withdraw the funds from the pot and transfer to your main pot.

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That’s a good idea, I am just being lazy!!

I had a quick search and couldn’t find it: can you move money between pots?

No, unfortunately not at the moment.

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I’d like it if instead of the transaction description being ‘Transfer to pot [pot name]’ there could be two, something like:-

‘Manual transfer to [pot name]’


‘Automatic transfer to [pot-name]’

This would make it easy to distinguish in accounting software what transfers were made manually and which were made because of rounding-up.

I guess a work around in the meantime if to have two pots, and auto-save to one whilst manually transferring to another.

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I like this one. I’d definitely use this feature!


Sorry if posted above would love to have the option to edit a sched payments into pots rather than delete and re add the sched payment.